How come nobody seems to care about Obama’s latest illegal immigration move?

Within the past month, we’ve brought to your attention the release of some 3,700 “Threat Level One” illegal immigrants. We also shared — on Fox News’ “On the Record” with Greta von Susteren — the case of some 121 released illegal immigrants who’ve committed murders. Of course, our U.S. Constitution doesn’t support President Obama’s executive actions on illegal immigration — but then again, what difference at this point does it make? Now we learn even more about the fundamental transformation of America — perhaps we should be less concerned about n-words and Confederate flags.

As reported by the Washington Times:

The administration has ordered agents to begin ignoring many of the illegal immigrants they encounter in prisons and jails, as President Obama begins to implement a lesser-known part of his deportation amnesty policy — though his program isn’t sitting well with either side of the immigration debate.

In a nod to so-called sanctuary cities, the president’s policy prohibits U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from targeting most illegal immigrants for deportation, including most of those who come into contact with state and local police.

Agents can still troll jails and prisons, but are told to no longer go after illegal immigrants with offenses such as drug possession, theft or fraud if it involved stealing an identity to try to further their unlawful presences in the U.S., according to details of the policy released Tuesday by the House Judiciary Committee.

First of all, President Obama’s claim that criminal illegal immigrants would be priority for deportations  appears to be false. Secondly, any city or county not complying with our constitutional republic’s rule of law shouldn’t receive federal funding. It’s unconscionable that we have these violations of our statutes —funny, everyone’s up in arms about South Carolina flying a Confederate battle flag, but illegal immigration sanctuary cities are just dandy. Lastly, to think the Obama administration’s going to release criminal illegal immigrants guilty of identity theft in order to further their illegal stay in the country is beyond belief.

At this point, one just has to ask, on whose side is President Obama? We know of his sympathies towards islamists, as evidenced by his 2009 speech at the University of Cairo and his affinity towards the Muslim Brotherhood, PSD-11. Now, his affections seem to lean towards illegal immigrants over Americans —Americans who’ve been defrauded and murdered.

Even some illegal immigrants who’ve been charged with serious felonies but are released by local authorities won’t be picked up by immigration agents until they’re actually convicted, the committee said.

“President Obama is needlessly endangering our communities,” committee Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, Virginia Republican, said in a statement announcing his findings on the new program. “It’s past time for the Obama administration to get its priorities straight and protect the American people instead of their political interests.”

This is exactly the point of the entire Obama era. It’s not about what’s best for America; rather, it’s about implementing policies to advance an uber-left liberal progressivism ideology antithetical to our republic. Sadly, it seems there’ve been enough Americans — and some dead folks, perhaps — whose votes were rooted in feel-good rhetoric and lack of knowledge about America’s fundamental principles.

Take, for instance, immigrant-rights advocates who argued the Bush administration’s Secure Communities program was poisoning relations between police and immigrants — both legal and illegal — making Hispanics, in particular, fear interactions with authorities and therefore less likely to report crime altogether. That made them more likely to be victims, undercutting public safety goals, the advocates said. They also said the administration was deporting illegal immigrants charged or convicted of minor offenses, such as traffic violations.

The issue is this: if you’re here illegally, by definition this means you’ve done something that’s not legal — i.e., broken a law, the law of our sovereignty. Heck, just take a look at Mexico’s laws regarding illegal immigrants — rather draconian. And if you’re here legally, then you should support safe Secure Communities, where you can raise your children and enjoy the pursuit of happiness for which you came to America. I don’t understand the belief that this country must accommodate those who’ve entered it illegally. When are we going to get back to prioritizing the American people’s interests and those who did the right thing, coming to our shores via the legal process? How long will law abiding citizens be forced to the back of the bus while a progressive socialist political agenda plays out? How many Americans will have to live in fear and be murdered by released criminal illegal immigrants until we pull our heads from the “fourth point of contact”?

Here’s what happens under Obama’s Priority Enforcement Program (PEP):

Under the program, agents will ignore many of the illegal immigrants they encounter and will change the type of cooperation they request from state and local police. Agents generally won’t ask a department to hold an immigrant who otherwise would be released, but instead will ask to be notified so they can be on hand for the release and have the immigrant transferred.

In limited instances, agents will still issue detainer requests, but will have to assert probable cause so police have a reason to detain people beyond their normal release dates.

“ICE will only seek transfer of individuals in state and local custody in specific, limited circumstances. ICE will only issue a detainer where an individual fits within DHS’s narrower enforcement priorities and ICE has probable cause that the individual is removable,” the agency said in a brochure describing the program. “In many cases, rather than issue a detainer, ICE will instead request notification (at least 48 hours, if possible) of when an individual is to be released. ICE will use this time to determine whether there is probable cause to conclude that the individual is removable.”

I, for one, have grown tired of the castigation of America as racist and xenophobic — gotta wonder why so many still seek to come here if it’s such a bad place. All we ask is for the respect and regard of our rule of law. Sadly, we can’t even get that simple concession from the highest office in the land.


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