ISIS offers DESPICABLE prize for winners of Koran contest

It seems difficult to imagine ISIS sinking to a new low in any capacity, but here you go…

As the Daily Mail reports, the barbarous jihadis of the so-called Islamic State have reportedly held a Koran memorizing competition in which the top prizes include a Yazidi sex slave.

The photograph of an ISIS advert, believed to come from the northern Syrian state of Hasakah, re-named by ISIS as Barakah recently emerged on social media.

As well as sex slaves, the advert promises cash rewards for fourth and fifth prize. The competition is set to be held in several ISIS mosques in Syria, including the Osama bin Laden mosque.

The seven days competition is set to finish on 27 June and is being held to celebrate the Muslim festival of Ramadan.

Now you’d think this would have liberals absolutely up in arms. I mean, talk about a War on Women, right? But, no.

Just last week, the New York Times reported how life under ISIS isn’t all that bad after all: In northern Syria, the jihadists of the Islamic State have fixed power lines, dug sewage systems and painted sidewalks. In Raqqa, they search markets and slaughterhouses for expired food and sick animals…The group runs regular buses across the border with Iraq to Mosul, where it publicly kills captives and trains children for guerrilla war. Last month, it reopened a luxury hotel in the city and offered three free nights to newlyweds, meals included….The group is offering reliable, if harsh, security; providing jobs in decimated economies; and projecting a rare sense of order in a region overwhelmed by conflict.

You have to hand it to American liberals – always looking for the bright side of life and the good in everyone – except conservatives (we’re all evil racist bigot homophobes). But those jihadis? All ‘round good guys! After all, even Nancy Pelosi famously described Hamas as a humanitarian organization.

But as Michael Devolin writes for, We have translated into an imprudently and naively “optimistic continent.” We are moving backward instead of forward. Why else would we even consider allowing “returning jihadists” back into our midst without addressing their crimes committed in the name of Islam?

Our sufferance of Islamic religious fervor, fervor so obviously foreign to our cultural traditions, should be regarded as a prime example of our public intelligence. And if our accommodation of violent religious lunatics and the opening of doors to returning ISIS jihadists is any kind of indicator of the measure of this intelligence, then I must say that Western democracies are today found wanting. We are not exhibiting social progress but rather social disintegration. Our ostentatious fidelity to political correctness (a fidelity borne of the fear of how elitist Western journalists publicly excoriate the prudent of this world) is no different than the heedlessness that ushered in first Kristallnacht, and afterward Bergen-Belsen and Babi Yar. We refuse to acknowledge this grim regression, which is not public intelligence at all but rather a blundering stupidity.

I believe he is correct. We are not a perfect nation by any means. But we are eons ahead of a culture that would offer sex slaves as prizes, burn people alive or drown them in cages for spectacle, or behead, dismember, crucify and fling people off buildings — and we turn a blind eye to our own detriment.


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