Hillary says NO to Confederate flag….but LOOK at what we found! (Wink wink)

Just hours after 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finally weighed in on the Confederate flag controversy, new evidence is surfacing that causes us to say, hey wait a minute…

As ABC News reported this morning:

Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, weighed in on the South Carolina confederate flag debate back in 2007 and still holds the view that it should be removed.

Hillary Twitter
So, if Hillary’s been such a leading advocate for the flag’s removal since 2007, what’s up with her campaign buttons featuring the flag — from 2008?

Via Breitbart:

One merchant on eBay is offering campaign buttons from 2008 that were purportedly produced by supporters of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. One is advertised as a souvenir of the Arkansas Travelers, a Clinton-backed group that traveled from Arkansas to support both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential runs. The button features the Confederate flag behind the message: “Arkansas Travelers In Support of Hillary Clinton for President South Carolina 2008.”

Hillary 2008 button

Breitbart News has contacted the seller, who vouches for the button’s authenticity.

Another item purports to be a button supporting Hillary Clinton in Alabama in 2008. It features a Confederate flag behind a map of the state and a portrait of Clinton, above the slogan, “Heritage not Hate.” (Barack Obama won that state’s primary.)


In addition, campaign merchandise featuring Bill Clinton and the Confederate flag has surfaced widely across the Internet.

There is no indication that the Clintons ever discouraged Confederate flag-themed merchandise being produced in support of their respective candidacies.

A leader with the strong convictions about the flag — as Hillary claims to have had dating back to 2007 — surely would have, at a minimum, discouraged such merchandise bearing her name. Yet she appears to have been silent on the issue — when it served her in reaching a particular voting constituent in 2008 (and she still lost).

Today she’s also silent on her husband’s use of the flag on his 1992 campaign buttons AND his support of the flag during his tenure as Arkansas governor, when Bill Clinton observed Confederate Flag Day and signed a bill affirming that “The blue star above the word ‘ARKANSAS’ is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.


Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear Hillary’s current take on these historic memorabilia? Too bad it’s unlikely the candidate will be asked about them. Because the only thing as predictable as the Clintons’ propensity for playing loose with the facts — even in the face of tangible evidence to the contrary — is the mainstream media’s willingness to let them.


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