BAM: Liberal millennial UNLOADS on Hillary

Wow, one millennial has some choice words for her former boss, Hillary Clinton.

In her column published in USA Today, Carolyn Osorio details her disillusionment with the presidential candidate — particularly when it comes to critical millennial issues surrounding employment. 

Osorio describes her shock, after applying for a fellow position with the Hillary for America campaign, at being told she’d have to move to Nevada and work full-time for free — revealing Clinton’s application process, in her Osorio’s words, “to be an ugly lie.” 

If Hillary hopes to inspire young people, to prove she understands our interests she should offer substance to earn our votes.

The campaign’s “cheapness” is being lauded as a successful step away from her failure in 2008. Voters are evidently supposed to feel pleased with Hillary’s miserly commercial flights (in first class) and economical Amtrak trips while discounting her unpaid staff’s out-of-pocket expenses as simply smart business.

I had hoped a trailblazer would be more willing to break the mold of indentured servitude that haunts my generation. Finding out Hillary perpetuates the exploitation known as unpaid internships was like discovering that Santa wasn’t real.

The former Clinton volunteer — now working as a barista in New York City — continues:

For a woman whom I supported to demand this of me felt repulsive. Forget arguments about raising the minimum wage. I can’t even get a wage. What exactly are Hillary Clinton’s priorities and how do I change them?

I admire Osorio’s candor and eloquence in making her case about the challenges facing her generation. And I have to admit, it’s refreshing to hear Mrs. Clinton taken to task for her hypocrisy by someone outside the echo chamber.

What stumps me is that even after finding some of Mrs. Clinton’s practices “repulsive” and “an ugly lie,” Osorio maintains Clinton will still get her vote in 2016.

Isn’t it time we expected more — principles, perhaps? — from our so-called leaders?


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