What Chris Pratt Is Doing in This Photo is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

We already knew there was something special about Chris Pratt, the Jurassic World actor who bravely acknowledges the importance of his Christian faith in a culture where doing so can be downright career-limiting — as we shared here.

While his moves in the Jurassic World blockbuster continue to capture the world’s attention, Pratt’s latest move — visiting a children’s hospital over Father’s Day weekend — once again captures our hearts.

Via Inquisitir:

Chris Pratt took some time off to visit Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this weekend, and the kids loved it.


The Jurassic World star has been doing the rounds charming everyone with his easy-going personality. His moves in the blockbuster — which has broken all kinds of box office records since opening on June 12 — are the latest rave and zookeepers all over the world are imitating him and his raptor training.

On Father’s Day weekend, Chris Pratt visited the Children’s Hospital to put some much needed smiles on the young patients’ faces. In many instances, all these kids know nothing but pain and suffering due to terrible diseases and the treatments they have to undergo.

On its Facebook page, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital — the fastest growing pediatric facility in Louisiana — praised Chris Pratt for taking time off from filming to visit the kids and shared some adorable photos of the special time he spent with the children.

Pratt playing with kids

Pratt bedside

In addition to thrilling the kids by recreating the raptor scene from the movie, Pratt also thrilled some very lucky female staff working yesterday.


Chris Pratt showed that despite being a successful movie star he has a big heart.

Our hearts, meanwhile, just got about five sizes bigger for Chris Pratt.


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