Associated Press Responds to OUTRAGE Over Ted Cruz Photo

Though we’ve stopped being surprised by the mainstream media’s liberal bias, its latest example — which you may have missed while marking Father’s Day — stopped many in their tracks.

So bad was this particular instance that the outlet in question — the Associated Press (AP) — has now scrubbed the photos from its site.

Why the photos sparked outrage requires no explanation — take a look yourself.

Ted Cruz gun pulled cropped

And their timing — coming as they did just days after the massacre of nine innocent people in a Charleston church — only amplified the photos’ outrageousness.

Following the social media firestorm that ensued, the AP issued a feeble apology of sorts, as reported by The Washington Times:

The Associated Press addressed a series of photos Monday following conservative outrage over the positioning of a gun poster next to Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz that appeared to show the barrel of a large handgun pointed directly at his forehead.

Mr. Cruz spoke about Second Amendment rights Saturday at CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa. The photographs of Mr. Cruz, taken by AP’s Charlie Neibergall, were angled in such a way that it captured a poster in the background with a large image of a handgun pointed straight at Mr. Cruz’s head.

Conservative Twitter users accused the AP of committing bias against Republicans and editorializing on gun control. Breitbart News said, “[I]magine the outcry were [Mr. Cruz] a Democrat. How many think pieces about violent imagery and responsible reporting would we see? How many more if he were a woman?”

Too bad nobody’s buying the AP’s lame statement, in which it claims the photos were “not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light.”

Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, called the AP’s explanation “disgusting.”

“Just days after a horrific shooting that took nine lives, the AP has the gall to unapologetically display a gun aimed at the head of a presidential candidate. They would never do this to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Nor should they,” he said in a statement Monday.

“The AP is lying. This was not an accident. They made a deliberate decision to publish the photo.”

Despite its lame defense of the offensive photos, the AP ultimately backtracked and removed them from its site. As Breitbart reports:

A search of for “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)” no longer yields a handful of photos from photojournalist Charlie Neibergall wherein the barrel of a gun on a poster points to the U.S. Senator and presidential candidate’s head.

Contrasting these with the many AP photos of Obama framed beatifically with a halo provides some of the starkest evidence we’ve seen of the non-profit agency’s not-so-subtle liberal bias. I think Twitchy summed it up perfectly:

Dear media: This Obama photos vs. Cruz photo comparison is ALL we need to prove your bias. Case closed

Despite its bias having been so strikingly laid bare, it’s unlikely the AP will be any more balanced moving into 2016 election coverage. But know this, AP: we’re watching you more closely than ever. It’s about time you started showing some semblance of the objective news organization you claim to be.


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