Dylann Roof’s judge has his own SHOCKING racist past

Eyebrows were raised yesterday when Charleston County Magistrate James B. Gosnell began the bond hearing for mass-murderer Dylann Roof by declaring that the killer’s family members were victims as well.

Yes, that may well be true, but it would seem most people’s thoughts were primarily with the victims.
Perhaps that just demonstrated how “open-hearted” Judge Gosnell is. Or does it give an inkling to other more unsavory views he holds?

Take a gander at some comments he made in a previous case, and you decide.

In November 2003, at a bond reduction hearing Gosnell told the black defendant, “There are four kinds of people in this world—black people, white people, red necks, and n—rs,” according to The Daily Beast.

The comment led to a judicial disciplinary proceeding and a 2005 determination by the state Supreme Court. The court’s written finding reports Gosnell’s lame defense.

[Gosnell] represents he knew the defendant, the defendant’s father, and the defendant’s grandfather,” the finding notes. “[Gosnell] represents that when the defendant, an African-American, appeared in court for the bond hearing, [Gosnell] recalled a statement made to him by a veteran African American sheriff’s deputy.

That being the four kinds of people remark.

Gosnell alleges he repeated this statement to the defendant in an ill-considered effort to encourage him to recognize and change the path he had chosen in life,” the finding notes.

Yes, that makes perfect sense. Encourage people to do better in their lives by hurling racial epithets.

In the end, Gosnell was reprimanded for the remark and another case of judicial favoritism, but was allowed to keep his post.

So on Friday, when Gosnell allowed the families of Roof’s victims to speak in court, one might wonder, does he now see them as the first of his four types of people, or does he regret his previous comments?


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