AWESOME: Watch Carly Fiorina deliver EPIC smackdown to Whoopi on ‘The View’

You’ve got to applaud Carly Fiorina just for stepping into the liberal lion’s den that is “The View.” But when you see the gentle but firm smackdown she gave Whoopi Goldberg, you want to stand up and cheer!

As our friends at BizPac Review report, Whoopi Goldberg kicked things off by pretty obviously trying to make Fiorina look the fool by equating her potential candidacy with a popular TV show.

“You said, if elected, you want to run your administration like American Idol,” Goldberg asked in the first series of loaded questions. “What does that mean exactly?”

But Fiorina wasn’t going to be the butt of Goldberg’s joke.

“I actually didn’t say that,” she said.

Fiorina clarified that she was referring to the use of technology to engage with the American people when she had made the American Idol reference – and quickly turned the discussion around.

“I’d ask the American people questions,” she said for example. “Do you think it’s OK that we have no idea where our money is being spent in the federal government?”

She also deftly handled the question of whether her polling numbers will be high enough to land her a spot in the the first round of GOP presidential debates, and refused to play the victim.

“I started as a secretary in a little nine-person real estate firm, and I’m kind of used to being under estimated,” she said. “I’m sort of assuming I might make it to those first debates.”

But I think my personal favorite smackdown was her reply to the inevitable discussion about feminism.

“I believe that a feminist is any woman who lives the life she chooses,” Fiorina said.

Boy, what I wouldn’t give to see her in a debate with Hillary!


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