Why the NBA champs DO NOT belong in San Francisco

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors who won their first NBA Championship in 40 years. Y’all remember the underhanded free throw shooting of one Rick Barry? Being from Atlanta I was pulling for a finals series between the Warriors and my hometown Hawks who had a thrilling season — maybe next year. Well, anyway, the game got me thinking about something perplexing.

Of course, the home of the Golden State Warriors is Oakland, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area – – one of the most liberal progressive areas in one of the most liberal progressive states in America. So, I just had to ponder, will the Warriors share their championship with the rest of the teams in the NBA?

After all, most of the folks there in the Bay Area subscribe to the philosophy of shared prosperity, fairness, fair share, and the 99 percent. So why would these same folks cram into Oracle Arena, one of the loudest venues in the NBA, to cheer for their team to be champions? I mean, why not just have a mediocre team instead of one that strives for excellence — to be in the 1 percent? Think about how some 16 teams started out in the NBA playoffs. They all had a fair chance and the opportunity, to make it to the NBA finals — just the same as every team in the NBA has that opportunity at the start of the season to end up in that final series.

So why would the folks who want their team to be champions not want their country to be exceptional — or worse, advocate for a governing system that promotes a dictated fairness?

Now, things are pretty good there in the Bay Area, because over in San Francisco, across the bridge, you have the reigning World Series Major League Baseball champions, the San Francisco Giants. And I believe the Giants have won three championships in the last six years? In my travels out west, I see plenty of Giants gear because in America, we’re proud of winners and champions and we wish to be associated with them. So why do we have such a problem with defeating Islamic jihadism? Why can’t we see them as the opposing team? Don’t we want to beat them?

Consider the shift in strategy by first year Golden State coach Steve Kerr in changing his starting lineup and placing Andre Iguodala into that rotation. Iguodala went on to be the 2015 NBA Finals MVP. Hmm, methinks that maybe Steve Kerr should be in charge of developing a strategy to defeat ISIS. Facetious, perhaps, but I think you all can understand my point.

And one of the most liberal, and corrupt, cities in the country — and going bankrupt — is Chicago. And that’s where the beloved Blackhawks – man, I hope they don’t get forced to change the team mascot — just brought home the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years. Now Chicago is also the home of Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Axelrod, Jesse Jackson, Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel…I know, enough already. Their fundamental belief is shared prosperity — Hillary Clinton just said so this past week.

Now, go try to make the Blackhawks share the Stanley Cup — that dog don’t hunt. We all love the Chicago Cubs, but when was the last time they won the World Series in baseball? I have an idea which I am sure Obama could agree with — the San Francisco Giants should share their championship with the Cubs — bet Nancy Pelosi ain’t having any of that.

Duke’s men and the UConn women win the 2015 college basketball championships — how many between them have they won? Should these two universities be considered “privileged?” I’m quite sure there are a good number of professors at those respective institutions who lecture on such nonsense. Hey, you go try to take away any of those championships from the Cameron Crazies — good luck.

There is a very ironic hypocrisy of winning at evidence here. These very liberal cities are winning championships, yet they possess a political philosophy that stands in contradiction to winning. And I wonder if we were to survey who are the season ticket holders — you know — the folks paying big bucks to sit right on the floor like one-percenters, just wonder how they vote?

Look, I love for my teams to win — Tennessee Volunteers, Kansas State University, Atlanta Braves, Falcons, and Hawks…and now since my daughter Aubrey is attending Southern Methodist University, go Ponies! But even more, I want my country to win. I love competition and understand the concept that someone will rise to the top and be the best. Sadly, there are those in our country who want their sports team to compete and strive to be the best, but don’t believe that we as individuals can do likewise. Sports teams pursue victory in the form of championships. Why do some in America believe we the people cannot pursue happiness, victory and be all that we can be — but instead support the idea of victimization and victimhood?

Remember, the Cleveland Cavaliers had two of their key starters sidelined with injuries. In the world of liberal progressives, they would have mandated that two of the Golden State starters be sidelined — after all, that is fair. But that ain’t life. Life deals you tough breaks and the Cleveland Cavaliers realized that, and they played their hearts out — but came up short. No excuses. They didn’t demand the NBA Commissioner to change the rules or make a regulation to appease them out of some feeling of pity. Nope, they played the game and guess what, they will be back next year to compete.

So the next time you’re at a sporting event, and as they’re playing the National Anthem to start the game — sing loudly and cheer the team that really matters: Team America!

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