While America mourns the death of 9 people, Hillary and Obama are doing THIS…

Today, our nation is overwhelmed with shock and mourning, in the wake of the brutal murder of nine innocent people just hours ago. So, naturally, what’s on the agenda today for President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Another day. Another tragedy. And yes — another fundraiser.

As the NBC Los Angeles reports:

President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport Thursday afternoon aboard Air Force One, then headline two Democratic National Committee fundraisers.

Obama’s first stop will be the Pacific Palisades home of television producer Chuck Lorre for a $16,700-per-person event benefiting the DNC’s 2016 White House Victory Fund, the entertainment trade publication Variety reported.

The invitation describes the event as an “intimate, living room style event” with only 30 people, but a chance to have “an open dialogue and discussion with the president,” according to Variety. The event will be closed to reporters.

Obama will then head to the Beverly Hills home of filmmaker Tyler Perry for the second fundraiser.

In times like this, some of us pause, reflect and pull together.

Our so-called “leader,” on the other hand, gives a short — politically-laced, no less — statement before hopping on his jet to line his political pockets. Yes, for our campaigner-in-chief, the campaign must go on. With Benghazi, it was Las Vegas. Now, in the wake of the Charleston tragedy, President Obama’s off to be with his true peeps, the Hollywood elite.

Coincidentally, the woman who expects to succeed President Obama is taking his cue:

Coincidentally, a front-runner in the race to succeed Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, will also be in the Southland for a fundraiser Thursday.

NBC Los Angeles reports Clinton will start with a fundraiser in tony Newport Beach, California before heading to Los Angeles for three Hollywood fundraisers Friday.

While the nation prays for healing in the aftermath of yesterday’s tragedy, I must add a prayer for a true leader to enter the White House in 2016. One who puts national unity above politics and recognizes times when his or her power is best wielded in the name of bringing us together — rather than bringing in more cash to fund the next political battle.

[Note: this article was written by Michelle Jesse]


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