Angela West: Two things we CANNOT do in the aftermath of the SC shootings

This afternoon I listened to President Obama speak about the terrible tragedy at the church in Charleston, South Carolina. Two things became clear to me:

1.It is not right or just to use a tragic occasion to push a political agenda. Case in point, Obama’s comment:

“We don’t have all the facts, but we do know that once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hand on a gun.”

Given the fact that we now know that the boy’s father bought him the gun, what is the president proposing, that we completely outlaw gun ownership and confiscate all guns? The laws regarding mental health and criminal background checks would not have changed this situation at all, nor would it have affected the outcome of the previous shooting in Connecticut since Adam Lanza’s mother purchased that gun as well.

If what is being advocated is the complete disarming of American citizens, then the only people who will have guns are criminals and those with nefarious intentions since they are unlikely to ask or care about the legality of gun ownership.

2. There is a rush to impose a racial component to this case. Prior to even knowing anything about this case, the invocation of “hate crime” and “racial overtones” were put forward as a motive. The president said:

“The good news is I am confident that the outpouring of unity and strength and fellowship and love across Charleston today, from all races, from all faiths, from all places of worship, indicates the degree to which those old vestiges of hatred can be overcome.”

That certainly was Dr. King’s hope just over 50 years ago after four little girls were killed in a bombing at a black church in Birmingham, Alabama.”

I took a look at this young man’s Facebook page. He had many black friends and white friends. This boy appeared to be completely unhinged, drug addled and aimless. At the age of 21, he appeared to not have any direction, much less one pointing him to “white supremacy.” How about the probability that he is a deranged stoner and misfit looking for his 15 minutes of “infamy” by committing this insanity. How about the fact that crazies like this commit these types of crimes similar to the one in the theater in Colorado?

We are igniting the fires of racial hatred as it seems to be the first conclusion reached in any conflict involving black and white people in this country. It is NOT 1961 people, this should not be the first conclusion drawn.

How much better to use our conscience when we are reporting rather than enflaming situations and people in light of a tragedy. And remember, the people of Norway and France were disarmed when mass shootings took many lives.

Am I wrong on this one?


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