THIS black woman just did the UNTHINKABLE… and Democrats are SCARED

Sometimes you learn more from what the media is not reporting. The news cycle has been dominated by a wannabe black woman named Rachel Dolezal, whose bizarre claims reflect, more than anything else, a very disconcerting sociopathic manipulative behavior — and I learned that being black is just about consciousness now. But there’s a story about a black woman that’s not making the news cycle. Let me introduce you to the new mayor of San Antonio, Texas: Mayor Ivy Taylor.

As reported in the Washington Times:

Because the mainstream media was fawning all over Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign re-set, you might not have seen these weekend headlines.  

A quietly determined underdog triumphed over an entrenched political machine. A potential vice-presidential candidate in 2016 was abandoned by his political base. And the underdog began her victory speech by shouting “To God Be The Glory!” a felony anywhere but in Texas. 

All those things happened on Saturday when Ivy Taylor became the first black woman elected as San Antonio’s mayor America’s seventh largest city. Initially given little chance, she defeated former State Senator Leticia Van de Putte by a 52-48 margin, her victory delivered by a multicultural coalition of evangelical voters. Anywhere else, invoking the Almighty’s blessing might seem like a dubious strategy. But Mayor Ivy led her own prayer meetings in a campaign that counted on Bible-belt religious faith to overcome hard-wired dividing lines of race, class and ethnicity.

State Senator Van de Putte has now lost two major elections in the last year, as she was soundly defeated running for Texas lieutenant governor in 2014. Mayor Taylor is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and becomes a non-Hispanic mayor of a majority Hispanic city — just as last year one Will Hurd defeated Rep. Pete Gallegos in the congressional district that encompasses a good portion of San Antonio.

And just how did this happen in the city of Julian Castro — the former mayor, current HUD secretary and keynote speaker at the 2012 Democrat National Committee convention?

Ivy’s rising popularity with the local conservative and evangelical communities black and white, Protestant and Catholic outraged the power-brokers of the Castro machine. It got even worse when she announced her candidacy for a full-term. Ernesto Ancira, a widely-known local business leader, became her campaign treasurer. He told me, “San Antonio has long been dominated by congressmen, judges and entrenched business interests. But Ivy Taylor was something different.”

She was indeed different because she was the antithesis to San Antonio’s Democrat machine. Of course now, the former interim mayor must take on the task of governance — and something tells me she’ll do a better job than Baltimore’s mayor.

Are there some lessons learned from this mayoral race that could have bigger implications for 2016? It seems there just may be, as the Washington Times writes:

Any hint that a coronation is afoot invites contempt and opposition. As well it should. If your faith is real, then don’t hesitate to appeal to the great values Americans share in common, regardless of the cynics. Mr. Reagan understood that and not only won the presidency but changed the world as well. Talking candidly about faith has the benefit of making the media viscerally uncomfortable. To the delight of everyone else.

I concur, but the display of one’s faith must be genuine — not manufactured — and that’s what Ivy Taylor presented. And while state Senator Van de Putte saw herself as inevitable, being Latina and Democrat — those worked against her, and in the end she proved herself just a politician who couldn’t relate. Her ads turned viscerally negative and voila. This in America’s seventh largest city, with an Hispanic majority. There’s a reason the liberal progressive media is talking about Rachel Dolezal and not Ivy Taylor.

But the Texas Tribune is asking the question:

How did a Brooklyn-born city planner who has never run for partisan office beat a nearly lifelong San Antonio Democrat in the race for the top job in the liberal-leaning Alamo City?

Maybe San Antonio isn’t as liberal leaning as one would think. I often state there are actually more of us than them. We just need individuals with a principled, resolute message to unite us across demographic lines — while the liberal progressive mantra is to divide us along those lines (see Hillary Clinton’s speech from last Saturday).

“It ought to scare every Democrat in Bexar County (San Antonio),” said Christian Archer, Van de Putte’s campaign manager. “If you’re a Democrat and in Bexar County, you better wake up. 

“We keep putting the blinders over our eyes and saying, ‘Oh, no, no, no, it’ll go away.’ And it’s not going away,” added Archer, a veteran of San Antonio mayoral politics. “What’s not happening is the kind of turnout that we need.”

And that’s why President Obama hinted at mandatory voting — after all, if you can’t inspire, you can coerce!

I think the following quote defines the liberal progressive issue with voting and why they need carrots — but the stick may soon come out.

“At the end of the day, we needed 3,000 Democrats to get off their asses and go vote, and they didn’t,” said Colin Strother, a Democratic consultant who had worked for the fourth-place finisher in the first round of the race, former Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson. “And that’s the story of our life in Texas politics, is that Democrats could elect anyone they wanted to any position — statewide, local, you name it — if they would get off the couch and go vote, and they don’t do it.”

Excuse me, sir. Perhaps they don’t vote because the progressive socialist message is tired, worn out and one of failure.

Regardless, there are lessons to be gleaned from the victory of Mayor Ivy Taylor — whom I hope to meet. She’ll be in high demand, so I pray she has good advisors and counsel — the best being Almighty God. I’m in my sixth month in Texas, but I can tell you, there’s a fight for its soul. It’s a great battle for liberty reflective of the greater ideological conflagration in America. I pray success for Mayor Ivy, knowing that her victory and accomplishments won’t be celebrated by the NAACP — who embraced a fake, fraud and phony in Rachel Dolezal. Mayor Ivy is evidence of what can be replicated all across all American’s urban centers turned battle zones. They don’t have to be safe zones for progressive socialists and their failed policies. They can become bastions of victors, not victims!


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