Not what you think: THIS is the one thing that may bring Israel to battle

In the military we had an acronym — among many acronyms – in fact folks got medals for making acronyms – which was OBE, standing for “Overcome by Events.” It is my assessment that due to a lack of a defined national security strategy in the Middle East, countries there will disregard President Obama and America. In other words, the Obama administration has become OBE. Sure, you can quote a poll to reflect a high rating of respect — no problem — but what liberal progressives refuse to confront is ground truth and reality. And there is a potential reality which could occur in the Middle East.

As reported by Fox News, “The latest religious minority to be caught in the Syrian crossfire are the Druze, who have long enjoyed the protection of the Assad regime, but now find themselves under attack from the Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front and could soon look to Israel for help.

The slaughter Wednesday of more than 20 members of Syria’s Druze community, a monotheistic religion that incorporates elements including philosophy, Judaisim, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, could signal a coming humanitarian crisis, according to officials in Israel, which has a sizeable Druze population of its own.

With embattled President Bashar al-Assad pulling forces back to defend Damascus, the nation’s estimated 700,000 Druze have no protection should the terrorist groups fighting to take over the nation turn their attention to them, as they have Christians and Kurds. “What is going on just now is intimidation and a threat to the very existence of half a million Druze on the Mount of Druze which is very close to the Israeli border,” said Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at a press conference of the potential humanitarian crisis.”

The attack against the Druze could set off a domino effect in the Middle East that could end up drawing Israel into the fight against Islamic jihadists. And if that is the case, it is possible that a very unique coalition could evolve — Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and potentially Saudi Arabia. These countries share two common adversaries: first, the Islamic jihadists who threaten the fragile peace, stability, and secular governance in the region and secondly, there are the mad mullahs and ayatollahs of the Shiite Islamic regime in Iran, whose pursuit of nuclear weaponry is viewed as unacceptable by Israel and the Sunni Gulf Cooperation Council States. And in both cases the Obama administration is viewed as an inept bystander and an enabler.

The folly of President Obama believing his rhetoric of being “elected to end wars” would mean anything to our enemies has been revealed as part of the theater of the absurd. The Obama administration has chided Israel in its conflagration against Hamas — and sitting with Iran in negotiations. The Obama administration based its Middle East regional strategy on campaign promises and left a vacuum, which has been filled by a reconstituted al-Qaida in Iraq. The Obama administration drew a red line in Syria that somehow got erased. The Obama administration unconstitutionally provided combat operations support to Islamist groups in Libya. The Obama administration has turned its back on Egypt as they have declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization — the Obama administration via PSD-11 has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood.

The result is not increased respect, but a situation where President Obama has become OBE and new alliances are forming as the trust and confidence in America — the Obama America, is waning.

The recent attack against the Druze occurred as Al Nusra continues to gain ground in the north, and set alarms off among Syria’s large Druze community living in the south of the country. They fear being left on their own to face ISIS and other jihadi militias in the Golan Heights that border Israel, a country that itself has more than 130,000 Druze residents, many of whom have family members across the border.

And there is no doubt that Israel will not allow Islamic jihadist penetration into the Golan Heights. As well, Israel will be laser-focused against groups like the Al Nusra front and ISIS and will not succumb to enabling Hezbollah, a sworn enemy backed by Iran. And there have been reports that the Obama administration has supported and coordinated with Hezbollah in the fight against ISIS and the Al Nusra front. None of the Islamic jihadist groups are to be given a pass — certainly not supported.

Now, beyond the strategic reasons of territory, Israel could potentially enter the fight against Nusra and ISIS because the Druze community is generally well-regarded, and has so far stayed out of the Syrian war. But recent events have prompted speculation that Israel could move to aid Syria’s Druze population considering the faith’s status in the Jewish State.

“We are the only non-Jewish minority that is drafted into the military, and we have an even higher percentage in the combat units and as officers than the Jewish members themselves,” Israeli Druze poet Reda Mansour, currently Israel’s ambassador to Brazil, said in 2008. “So we are considered a very nationalistic, patriotic community.”

As Fox writes, “It was a Druze police officer, Zidan Saif, who fought and died trying to save the lives of four rabbis who were killed in a Jerusalem synagogue last November by a Palestinian gunman. Druze tradition encourages loyalty to whichever state offers them residency and allows them freedom to practice their religion, a religion that originally stemmed from Islam but which is seen as heresy by radical Islamists. Any intervention by Israel, either by sending arms to Syria’s Druze to defend themselves or by opening the border to grant then sanctuary, could draw Israel into the ever-widening regional crisis. Most Israeli officials have been tight-lipped about the situation north of the border, but Ayoob Kara, an Israeli Druze member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing Likud party and currently a deputy minister for regional cooperation, said the Israeli Druze community will defend its Syrian brethren.“We do not plan to sit idly by while our brothers are being slaughtered in Syria,” Kara told Israel’s NRG website.”

So as President Obama sits back and ponders the social reengineering of American communities under his most recent progressive socialist endeavor of “Obamahood,” he is becoming more irrelevant. His irrelevancy is the result of his own disregard of understanding foreign affairs and growing evident weakness. He has become a lame duck in the Middle East and that means he is OBE — events that will spiral out of control and have severe ramifications for the next U.S. president.

And let’s pray that president will not be the person who offered that funny little toy yellow box with the red button — then again, “what difference at this point does it make?”


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