Watch the cartoon Israel made that MSNBC HATES

Sometimes, the truth hurts. And sometimes, that’s how you KNOW it’s the truth.

Judging from the Foreign Press Association’s reaction to this little animated cartoon, Israel’s Foreign Ministry just struck a major nerve. And kudos to the Israelis for having the cojones to make this little jab.

As reported in The Times of Israel:

A new cartoon released by the Foreign Ministry pokes fun at foreign correspondents in Gaza who are supposedly oblivious to the rocket fire and Hamas military infrastructure surrounding them. The clip drew a harsh condemnation from the Foreign Press Association in Israel.

At the end of the clip, the journalist is given a pair of glasses. The woman who hands them to him says, “Here, maybe now you’ll be able to see the reality of life under Hamas rule.” Then, having taken in the true state of affairs in Gaza, the reporter appears to drop dead of a heart attack.

Apparently, Israel’s Foreign Press Association was none too pleased. While (thankfully) no heart attacks have been reported, the association kinda had a cow, saying it was “surprised and alarmed.” It went on to say:

At a time when Israel has serious issues to deal with in Iran and Syria, it is disconcerting that the ministry would spend its time producing a 50-second video that attempts to ridicule journalists reporting on a conflict in which 2,100 Palestinians and 72 Israelis were killed,” the FPA said in a statement Monday.

In other words: doesn’t Israel have better things to do than call us out for our biased reporting?

Israel’s response? Lighten up, journalists.

But the Foreign Ministry said the cartoon should be taken as a lighthearted jab.

“The film mocks many journalists with a gentle wink, too many of whom are blind to what is happening around them,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told reporter Noga Tarnopolsky.

Maybe a “gentle wink” will make a difference to the world, but I’m skeptical. After all, this is the same crowd that approves of the U.N. voting Israel the world’s only violator of health rights or accusing Israelis of war crimes for not sharing their Iron Dome technology with the very people who are bombing them.


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