If THIS is the reason Obama wanted to “liberate” Libya, were are in VERY big trouble

On the road again...

It appears that Libya (you know, the country”liberated” from Muammar Gaddafi) has become a pipeline for terrorists wanting to infiltrate Europe and the West, aka the Big Satan aka us.

Fox News reports intelligence sources on the ground in Africa say at least 30 ISIS fighters who left from the country have been “picked up” by the Italians in recent weeks.

The purported terrorists all claimed refugee status but American ‎and European agents believe this is a clear indication that ISIS terrorists have come into Europe virtually untouched.

“There is no way you can block it,” one told Fox News. “Libya is now an easy entry point into the E.U. and ultimately into the U.S. for ISIS. They are saying, this is the way to America.”

While President Obama still has no clear plan to stomp out ISIS — other than a few drone strikes to a blow up a truck or dispatching 450 more U.S. troops to train Iraqis (again), some American intelligence sources believe that Libya is actually the most unstable country in the region and gives ISIS its best opportunity for entry to the West. If we wait much longer it will be like trying to shut the barn door after the horses are gone. I guess it’s too much to hope for that we will take some action there…..hell we’re still looking for the thugs who killed our American government employees in Benghazi.

Even though there’s not much hope, there is some change.

“Sources on the ground in Libya also tell Fox News that hard drugs are now widespread in Libya, much of it pushed by outsiders who’ve come into the country freely and even sold by children on street corners. The country appears to be part of a drug route into Europe and even the United States, with much of the supply coming from Afghanistan and shipments of heroin also coming from South America. Sources say prior to the overthrow, drugs weren’t popular in the country and were looked down upon, but “all that has changed drastically as people and militias need money.”

One longtime intelligence agent who works closely with American officials in Iraq told Fox News, “Oil and drugs are how the militias are getting their money to fund their terrorism and America should be very concerned.”

The deterioration of Libya has been swift since Muammar Qaddafi was killed in 2011. Two of his sons also are currently being held in the country and could face the death penalty. Much of the country is lawless, there are no border controls of substance in place, airspace is not monitored and the country has become the crime hub in the region.

“It has become a huge problem,” said an international intelligence agent.

Which sounds to me like a rather huge understatement.

One international intelligence officer worried about the ISIS movements was bewildered why there are no operations planned or taking place near Libya. “When and where will this stop? When will Western powers open their minds and see that this is happening on the ground?” he said. “The West is underestimating ISIS and its military tactics. These guys are much more trained and much more dangerous than al-Qaida ever was, and nobody is paying attention to Libya.”

This marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of Libya who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic Libya,” Obama said in a speech from the White House Rose Garden soon after Gaddafi’s death. Obama made clear he considered Gaddafi’s death a validation of his “leading from behind” strategy.

Considering the outcome of his strategy, I would have to agree. Time and again, we find ourselves asking WHY would the president do something like this? Why would he almost intentionally leave a vacuum in Libya? The answer is just too frightening to comprehend.

[NOTE: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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