AWESOME: Teen shows what happens when you follow Michelle Obama’s advice

Liberals just seem to want to take all the FUN out of life, don’t they? Putting calorie info in GIANT NUMBERS on the McDonald’s menu has not stopped me one nanosecond from tucking into a cheeseburger and fries — and today, I even ordered a fully-leaded medium-sized Coke…because I can.

By now you’re well aware of Michelle Obama’s attempts to combat obesity in school children by offering more “nutritional” lunch options. The only problem is, kids hate them and won’t eat them – so perhaps that was the cunning plan all along. Just get kids to SKIP lunch altogether.

Anyway, not content to mess with school lunches, the lovely and toned Mrs. Obama (have you SEEN those guns?) has been looking for other ways to meddle in our private gustatory pleasures — in this case, the “s’more” beloved by campfire attendees and Girl Scouts since the 1920’s. In case you have never indulged, a s’more consists of a large marshmallow grilled to gooey toastiness on a skewer over a campfire (or barbecue), then sandwiched between two graham crackers with about four squares of a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

However, the USDA in all its wisdom has concocted what it believes to be a much healthier and no less delicious alternative liberal progressive s’more. This one replaces the marshmallow and chocolate with yogurt and a strawberry. As you can see in the brave teen’s demonstration, it is a supremely stupid idea.

Like so many that emanate from government…

I have often dreamed of writing a “diet” book that has exactly one page in it. The sum total of my plan could be summed up in four words “eat less; move more.”

And the most succinct message I would like to deliver to the government regarding its attempts to modify my eating behavior could be summed up in two words, only one of which I can actually print here.

[NOTE: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


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