How liberals view the news is absolutely PRICELESS

News of the Whirled 1

Just when you think the world’s gone mad — no really, this time! — Stilton Jarlsberg brings us true hope by reminding us that only SOME of it’s actually gone mad. Unfortunately for us, they represent a growing base — and happen to control our mainstream media. And instead of just mad, you might say they’ve gone bats%#t crazy!

Seriously, though, judging from what’s deemed newsworthy these days, you almost feel like George Constanza has taken over and decided to have us focus on exactly the opposite of what’s really significant.

To wit, in recent weeks we’ve seen:

Caitlin Jenner’s Republicanism and an out-of-hand Texas pool party inspire shock and outrage… while our continued lack of strategy to defeat one of the deadliest threats — both to our nation and the world at large — inspire little more than a yawn.

Marco Rubio’s boat and handful of traffic tickets raise eyebrows… while Hillary Clinton’s shady cash-for-influence revelations are greeted with shoulder shrugs.

Even Jon Stewart making fun of the liberal media’s scrutinizing of Rubio’s finances is yet another sign that the world is upside-down!

So in case you’re starting to lose sight of reality and wonder if perhaps YOU’VE gone mad, we’re here to reassure you, it’s really not you — it’s them. Happy weekend, everyone!


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