BOOM! Cher tweets out EPIC comment on Obama sending troops to Iraq

[Note: this article was not written by Allen West]

Holy Cow! I never thought I’d see this day, but a Hollywood liberal and I agree on something!

Cher got it absolutely right in the tweet she posted:


Cher dropped out of high school at age 16 and didn’t pursue any further formal education as far as I can determine. No Harvard Law School, no MIT, no Dartmouth or Yale, no West Point or Annapolis. Yet Cher, and millions of other Americans get the fact that we are AT WAR. We are not involved in an overseas contingency operation or any such other rubbish. Cher is mad, and so am I and millions of other Americans. It is ludicrous to send 450 additional troops to battle an enemy that may be 70,000 strong and growing. It is ludicrous to call these troops “trainers” when you are sending them to a war zone, as Cher so succinctly noted.

Could this be another Vietnam as Cher posted? Yes, I believe it could. We are tying both hands behind the backs of our Soldiers asking them to fight a war with some of the most insane rules of engagement ever devised. We are sending them to a REAL war but demanding no casualties, no mess, and certainly no bad PR or disturbing pictures. We are telling them to make friends with folks who in some cases hide the enemy, provide cover for the enemy, and change sides in the fight ten times a day. We are asking them to do all this while taking a pay cut, reducing their retirement benefits, and bunk next to some people who shouldn’t even be in the armed forces but the politically correct cowards in the Pentagon are too afraid to give them the boot. If all this gets to be a bit much, we tell them they can’t even pray out loud with a chaplain who has been forbidden to mention God, religion, Jesus, or the Bible.

By refusing to follow the advice of military planners, Obama may be setting us up for another round of live TV pictures of the last soldiers leaving the rooftop of our embassy in Baghdad under attack and barely escaping. He could be setting the stage for the killing of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians who fought with us. And the blood of the thousands of U.S. Soldiers who died and were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan will have been spilled for nothing. These are conditions under which no American military personnel should ever have to fight.

Cher asked, “where is Congress?” I’m also asking where is Congress? Where are some military commanders who will stand up and put their careers on the line to save American Soldiers?

Hat tip to Weasel Zippers.

[This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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