Absolutely SHAMEFUL: U.S. Army color guards being BARRED from HERE?

Sometimes things happen which make me absolutely furious and sadly I must share a story that involves two things I love dearly — my home state of Georgia and the U.S. Army. We are less than a month away from celebrating the 239th birthday of another thing I cherish, love, and took an oath to defend — our Constitutional Republic, America. But what I find completely disturbing is the disregard being shown to our Independence Day by this current administration.

As reported by Fox News, “For nearly two decades, the U.S. Army has provided an honor guard for an Independence Day celebration at a Baptist church that predates the founding of the nation. But this year – that tradition has come to an end. Officials at Fort Gordon, Georgia say they will not be able to send an honor guard to a July 5th service at Abilene Baptist Church because it violates a military policy banning any involvement in a religious service. “While there are conditions under which the Army can participate in events conducted at a house of worship, we cannot participate in the context of a religious service,” according to Public Affairs Officer J.C. Mathews. He said officials at Fort Gordon as well as the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate reviewed the church’s request and determined they were in fact holding a “religious service.”

Now, Abilene Baptist Church isn’t just any ol’ church, it is an impeccable part of the fabric of our nation’s establishment — an historical treasure.

You see, Abilene Baptist Church was founded in 1774 – one of Georgia’s most historic churches and the second oldest in the state. The founding pastor was arrested by a colonial magistrate for “preaching in Georgia” and the first pastor, Reverend Loveless Savage, was a chaplain in the Revolutionary Army. I would presume that Rev. Savage — what an awesome name — could be considered a member of the Black Robe Brigade. “It was an absolute shock,” said Brad Whitt, the current pastor of Abilene Baptist Church. “What a sad commentary on the state of affairs in America – when we cannot even allow the flags to fly if they are in a church building.” “We’ve had a tremendous working relationship with the fort,” Whitt said. “We’ve hosted all sorts of events for military families. We really try to show our love and respect and we try to honor our military folks.” The July 5th church service is scheduled to be a “God and Country”-themed celebration with patriotic music and lots of red, white and blue. Afterwards, the church is hosting a Sunday picnic – complete with hot dogs and hamburgers.”

What could be more American, and could there be a better place for a U.S. Army Honor Guard to be present? After all, the U.S.. Army birthday is on Flag Day and the motto of the Army is “This We’ll Defend” — I cannot think of a more appropriate place for the Army to deploy an Honor Guard than to Abilene Baptist Church. Funny, the tradition comes to an end on the watch of the Obama administration — yet another example of the fundamental transformation of America? Hey, I guess it’s all cool, we have no strategy to defeat ISIS. No big deal, an Army Honor Guard can’t participate in a 4th of July celebration in an American historical site.

But, we can certainly have the military celebrate Gay Pride month — yeah, I got it. Just a taste of the insidious hypocrisy, if a military honor guard can celebrate gay pride in a public parade, why can’t they celebrate American pride inside a Baptist church?

Oh, and here’s another one. The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia moved its Independence Day celebration from July the 4th to June the 4th…and why? Because we didn’t want to offend this Islamic country as our Independence Day conflicted with Ramadan.

Ok, let me get this right, we can’t have an Army Honor Guard participate in an Independence Day celebration at a historic church — a 20-year tradition — because it is a religious service. But we moved our Independence Day celebration in order to not offend a Muslim religious event?

Now, I’m just waiting for the liberal progressive socialist trolls to explain this one away. Yes, I know the “coexist” crowd will say we need to accommodate the host country and respect its religion. Who cares about those silly ol’ Christians and the Abilene Baptist Church? Hmm, can I just remind you folks of something? An American Embassy represents our sovereign territory, — if you’re unaware. And so we just surrendered our Independence Day?

I want to know who made the decision to tell the U.S. embassy in Jakarta to move the 4th of July to the 4th of June? I want to know who gave the order that the celebration of American Independence on American sovereign territory had to be made subservient to Ramadan?

If this doesn’t anger you, then you don’t need to celebrate our American Independence, because you have SURRENDERED it. I want to know where are the cojones of the Commanding General or Garrison Commander of Ft. Gordon who should make a stand and see this as an unethical order and regulation and send the Honor Guard to Abilene Baptist Church?

I would not care who above me complained…let them tell the American people on whose side they stand. And yep, I AM the fella who fired that shot over the fella’s head in Iraq and I reported myself and took responsibility for that action — something we do not see from this president. And if you want to attack me for my decision — well liberal progressives, I much prefer to be me, than President Obama who abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi and proceeded to lie about it!

You see, I have no issue with making a stand and taking the heat for it. It’s disconcerting to see our Army succumb to the liberal progressive gods of political correctness. It’s disgusting to hear about what happened in Jakarta, Indonesia moving our Independence Day celebration for the sake of appeasement.

Ladies and gents, we still have time. Call the commanding general of Ft. Gordon and demand that he releases the Army Honor Guard to participate in the Independence Day celebration service at Abilene Baptist Church. Let him know he serves our Constitution and freedom of religion is still a First Amendment right — for how long however?

Let the general know he need not fear Mikey Weinstein or President Obama — we the American people have his back. Let the general know we have traditions in America and we shall not surrender them to the false premise of “fundamental transformation.”

“That’s what makes this so sad,” Pastor Whitt stated. “This is what we’ve come to in our nation – where even just representing the colors is some sort of political thing.”

This is OUR Independence Day and it’s high time we reclaim it regardless of the insidious orders, rules, and regulations being promulgated by President Obama and his Islamist sympathizing administration…PSD-11. I know the folks in Georgia will not take this lying down. I look forward to hearing on the news that the Honor Guard was there at Abilene Baptist Church and seeing that smile on the face of Pastor Whitt and the congregation. And I know those Soldiers will appreciate being invited to the after service picnic and enjoying another American tradition — hamburgers and hot dogs. Hurry up before they change that as well — the liberal progressives are mandating everything else.


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