Watch: Black pastor UNLOADS on Al Sharpton’s hypocrisy in a church

Hartford, Connecticut has seen a spike in violent black-on-black crime, with more than a dozen shootings in the past month. Despite the fact that no white people were at fault, Al Sharpton joined marchers on the streets of Hartford this past Sunday, June 7th, to bring attention to the crime in the city and joined local church leaders for a speech at Shiloh Baptist Church.

Oddly, it took only a few moments for the topic to turn to the “collection plate” with Sharpton asking those in attendance to give his organization $100.00 each.

However one black pastor was having none of Sharpton’s hustling.

Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis, of Christ the Cornerstone Praise and Western Tabernacle, absolutely unloaded on Sharpton as he strode down the center aisle of the crowded church shouting, “How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money! You’re nothing but a pimp!”

Jarvis slammed Sharpton for using the supposed anti-violence rally as a cover for “coming into a community where people are struggling for jobs, struggling for money, and demanding money to speak.”

“Don’t you come up in here asking us for money,” Jarvis yelled. You can watch the video here courtesy of Jarvis’ explosion comes at about the 1:15 mark.

Reverend Marcus Mosiah Jarvis objected to Sharpton’s organization that had spent about 10 minutes asking for donations.

After the Jarvis outburst, Sharpton pledged that all of the money donated today will go towards building a memorial for children who died in Hartford violence. He says the community needs to put kids first.

Jarvis said it was interesting that the memorial pledge came after he spoke out. He said he doesn’t believe the city needs more memorials, and would rather the money have stayed in people’s pockets.

I guess so. Maybe the Rev. Al didn’t check the job statistics in Hartford before deciding to pay the city a visit. According to Homefacts, the unemployment rate in Hartford Is still 11 percent. I guess we should sing Hallelujah because at one point during Obama’s presidency the national unemployment rate for black Americans was 16.8 percent.

In the end, the Reverend Al also pledged $1,000.00 of his own “walking around” money to help build a memorial to some of the recent victims of violence In Hartford.

Apparently that thousand clams won’t go towards paying of the $19,500 his 2004 presidential committee owes the U.S. Treasury a decade after being caught accepting illegal campaign contributions, according to federal records. It also owes the Federal Election Commission several thousand dollars in unpaid fines, even after paying off a separate $208,000 penalty in 2009 for several campaign violations. And then of course there’s the little matter of the trifling $4.5 million he owes in back taxes. So yeah, a thousand bucks is just chump change for Al.

Seems Rev. Al may have forgotten that sage advice from the Bible (NIV) Romans 13-8: “owe no man anything.”

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