SICK high school art project shows exactly how liberals have infected our youth

Today I received the following email:

I am a 9-year veteran firefighter from Maryland. Prince Georges County boasts itself as being a leading influential black community in the nation as it is a D.C. suburb. My crew was sent to Oxon Hill High School (a public school) last Friday for a call. When the emergency was mitigated, a crew member noticed this “art” piece and snapped a quick picture.


Not that this part matters but the member of the crew who noticed this was black and he and the other black male (both in their 20’s) said they were offended by this and they are in disbelief that this can go on in a public school setting.

I know that I am a white male and that I do not have a say in this (insert sarcasm) so I will leave this email (saying) …it’s disheartening knowing that the race cycle will never go away now that this is in our school system and it seems like we’re never going to focus on the real issues of homeland security and the inevitable World War III because we have these distractions.

The “distraction” in this case shows a silhouette of a white policeman reading a newspaper with obituaries for young black men and the headline “1 black male killed by police every 28 hours.” (Even Politifact debunks that fact). Next to the white policeman is the silhouette of a black person in a blood-stained t-shirt with his hands up. Never mind that THAT meme was proven to be a complete fabrication. Next to that appears to be the title card for this piece of art from the “Honors Arts Studio” for “Young Black Males: The New Endangered Species.” Sadly that may well be true, but for a completely different reason. The number one cause of death for black males age 15-34 is murder…by other black males.

Yes sir, this certainly is a distraction. Art should be a free expression of feelings and opinions. And perhaps next week this “installation” will be rotated out and another one will depict the terrible tragedy of black-on-black shootings, or the black genocide being self-inflicted throughout the nation through abortion.

But somehow I doubt that.


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