FRIGHTENING: Here’s the real reason China wants YOUR personal data

Hey, last week President Obama announced that America was the number one most respected nation in the world—uh, ok. Now I know the liberal progressive left and its media accomplices will roll out some Gallup poll or something constructed to back up that claim.

It’s kinda like all of a sudden the Deputy Secretary of State announces we’ve killed 10,000 ISIS fighters. The only real battlefield damage assessment I’ve seen is that in the last 72 hours the Iraqi forces, along with Shiite militia, killed maybe a dozen ISIS guys. As a side note, we’re witnessing more killings of Baltimore and Chicago residents than ISIS soldiers — just saying — but then I digress.

I don’t believe polls are the way to ascertain regard and respect in the world. I think you should assess actions. And with that being said, the recent cyber-hack of millions of Americans’ personal data doesn’t reflect a high degree of admiration for our nation.

As reported by the Washington Post (not exactly a bastion of conservative journalism), “China is building massive databases of Americans’ personal information by hacking government agencies and U.S. health-care companies, using a high-tech tactic to achieve an age-old goal of espionage: recruiting spies or gaining more information on an adversary, U.S. officials and analysts say.

Groups of hackers working for the Chinese government have compromised the networks of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) which holds data on millions of current and former federal employees, as well as the health insurance giant Anthem, among other targets, the officials and researchers said. OPM disclosed that the latest hack of one of its systems exposed personal data of up to 4 million current and former employees — the largest hack of federal employee data in recent years.

“They’re definitely going after quite a bit of personnel information,” said Rich Barger, chief intelligence officer of ThreatConnect, a Northern Virginia cybersecurity firm. “We suspect they’re using it to understand more about who to target [for espionage], whether electronically or via human ­recruitment. The targeting of large-scale data­bases is a relatively new tactic and is used by the Chinese government to further its intelligence-gathering, the officials and analysts say. It is government espionage, not commercial espionage, they say.”

Aw c’mon, we all know the truth about what’s happening here. China is developing on online database for Amway sales. Very well, I shouldn’t be so facetious but sometimes a little levity is required, especially in the era of delusional “hope and change.”

Consider the irony, here we are concerned about our own U.S. government targeting and surveilling our communications while a dedicated Chinese unit of hackers is building up its own metadata. Now, we can only surmise that this is a result of two possibilities — an inept and incompetent Obama administration or a complicit Obama administration. Either are quite disconcerting, and combined, they’re catastrophic. Regardless, the hard question is, how is it possible the Chinese could target the OPM and breach its personnel records network? It’s like we’re watching a real life version of “Swordfish” without Halle Berry.

What do we do about it, but first, why is this an objective of China?

“This is part of their strategic goal — to increase their intelligence collection via big-data theft and big-data aggregation,” said a U.S. government official who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive topic. “It’s part of a strategic plan.” the data can be used to glean details about key government personnel and potential spy recruits, or to gain information useful for counter­intelligence. Records in OPM’s database of background investigations, for instance, could contain a complete history of where an individual has lived and all of his or her foreign contacts in, say, China. “So now the Chinese counterintelligence authorities know which American officials are meeting with which Chinese,” a China cyber and intelligence expert said.”

This doesn’t sound like what happens to a nation that is the most respected in the world — neither does beheading Americans or wrongly holding them hostage. Then again, when you draw red lines that become chartreuse or shades of pink, this is the result. You put your own citizenry in more danger because the enemy — the wolves — know there are no consequences for their belligerence. As a matter of fact, we now sit at negotiating tables with those who chant “death to America.”

Ladies and gents, this is what happens when the selection of a president more resembles American Idol and some pop culture reality TV show than reality itself. And the false narratives and lies, which rule the day, lead to the further deception, deceit and potential demise of the populace.

As the WashPo writes, “The data could help Chinese analysts do more effective targeting of individuals, said a former National Security Agency official. “They can find specific individuals they want to go after, family members,” he said.”

What has been the response? “China on [last] Friday dismissed the allegation of hacking as “irresponsible and unscientific.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Beijing wanted to cooperate with other nations to build a peaceful and secure cyberspace. “We wish the United States would not be full of suspicions, catching wind and shadows, but rather have a larger measure of trust and cooperation,” he told a regular news briefing.”

In other words, move along, nothing to see here, you foolish Americans.

U.S. officials privately said China was behind it. The stolen information included Social Security numbers and performance evaluations. It is possible that officials as senior as Cabinet secretaries had their data exposed, a congressional aide said on a briefing call with government officials Friday.

“This is an intelligence operation designed to help the Chinese government,” the China expert said. “It’s a new phase in an evolution of what they’re doing. It certainly requires greater sophistication on their part in terms of being able to take out this much data.” “They would leverage this data to get to diplomatic, political, military and economic intelligence that they typically target,” said John Hultquist, senior manager for cyberespionage threat intelligence at iSight Partners, who declined to comment on who was behind the attacks.

America has to survive some eighteen months of this high level of respect it is being afforded because of the actions and measures taken by President Obama. Let me remind you of a simple maxim I learned in the military, “Leaders take responsibility, they never take credit.”

We have a TSA that fails 96 percent of its security breach tests. We have an ICE that has released some 3,700 Threat Level 1 illegal immigrants back into our population. And we now have 4 million Americans, employees of the federal government, who’ve had their security information compromised via hacking from, we all know, the Chinese government. Respect means your allies have trust and confidence in you. Respect means your enemies and adversaries fear you.

The redefinition of respect via President Obama and his fellow inept teammates means Americans must now live in uncertainty and fear — one helluva fundamental transformation, huh?


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