Powerful letter from young black man shows what’s right and wrong with this nation

There is no debating the inequitable treatment of black conservatives, members of the GOP, compared to the expected black liberal progressives and Democrats. Can any of you imagine me being able to walk into the White House more than 80 times if I owed millions of dollars in taxes?

And you can only guess the incessant news stories if Jesse Jackson Jr. was a black Republican Member of Congress — or does anyone remember former Representative “Cold Cash” Jefferson from Louisiana?

The level of scrutiny, denigration and disparaging verbiage levied against blacks — or any minority — who decide to think for themselves when it comes to their political affiliations is horrific. And it is advanced and made easy by a complicit media — not to mention the “black leadership” organizations, who turn a blind eye.

And so a powerful email I received from a young black man truly touched my heart. I met this young man when I spoke at the synagogue of my dear friend and Rabbi, Jon Hausman, in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

Here was a young man who has beaten the odds. His birth mother abandoned him because of her drug problem and he was placed into the foster care system. And eight years ago his foster mom adopted him. His name is William Cook-Warren, and he is a black Republican. Here is his email to me:

Dear Lt. Col. Allen West,

I am writing to inform you that I am applying to the Congressional Black Caucus’ Spouses Education Scholarship. I know this may sound uninteresting however I am an African-American conservative and afraid that I will not even be considered in the process because of my political affiliation. Throughout High School I faced discrimination from students, teachers and faculty members for being an African-American Republican. Usually I would receive evil gestures in the hallways from students. Many of the students in my high school did not like the fact that I was an unapologetic Republican and insisted in calling me the “whitest black person” they have ever met. In their eyes I was “white” because I do not speak, dress or even act like the stereotypical black man. I refuse to believe that being “white” is intellectually and socially superior. I was often looked down on by individuals who identify themselves as Democrats. I am writing to you in hopes that you may prevent such discrimination. I was inspired by you and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. It truly showed that there is still hope for the African-American community. Currently I am a rising sophomore at the University Of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I study Crime & Justice and plan on entering the political arena when I graduate. I am also the only child in my biological family who broke the cycle of dependency and working my way off of the government’s plantation. I truly hope that this email will not only compel you to encourage the Congressional Black Caucus to remain impartial, but also shed some light on the discrimination that African-American Republicans face.

William Cook-Warren

It has been more than 150 years since the end of the Civil War. It was an endeavor that, albeit not at the onset, ended up being focused on securing the blessings of the Declaration of Independence that all men were created equal. That we all are endowed with certain unalienable rights, not from man, but from our Creator — of these being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Republican Party was created in 1854 for a singular purpose: to end the practice of slavery in America. The antagonist then as today in the fight for individual liberty is, and seemingly will always be, the Democrat party, and today, specifically progressive socialists.

It was the Democrat Party that established Jim Crow, segregation, and gave us the Ku Klux Klan. And sadly, it is a Party still focused on fear, coercion, and intimidation of free thinking blacks who seek to flee the modern day economic plantation of dependency. Even more disturbing, they have enlisted blacks to turn on their own and castigate black conservatives with such demeaning monikers as “sellouts”, Uncle Tom”, “Oreo”, House [email protected]”, and even “White Man’s Porch Monkey.”

But what angers me more than anything else is this disgusting and despicable peer pressure within the black community to attack one’s level of blackness. When we attack our young people who are trying to excel and associate that with being “white” and reject their individual drive, determination, and discipline, we take the low road of subjugation and subservience.

When blacks associate being white with being superior — as William articulates in his email note to me — and disparage those who seek intellectual achievement, it is no wonder we see the failures in education in the black community. There is a purposeful agenda to label black as being a certain character trait — and it is not positive.

And don’t tell me none of this is true! Where was the celebration of Senator Tim Scott, the first elected black Senator from the South since Reconstruction? Where was the celebration of the daughter of Haitian immigrants, the first black female Republican Congresswoman, Mia Love?

The lesson being taught — and this is coming from black adults — is that unless you act and align yourself in a certain way, you will be an outcast. The fact that William believes his political affiliation will discredit his scholarship application before the Congressional Black Caucus is disconcerting to say the least.

But praise be to God that it seems he will not be deterred as he attends University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. He has taken the challenge to break the chains of economic enslavement as promoted by the welfare nanny-state. Congratulations to this young man!

This is why I will take the hateful and denigrating comments. This is why I will not allow the disparaging assertions to discourage me — because I know if cower and fail, then the Williams out there may not have a voice, a role model.

I wrote a piece some time ago about the oldest historical black college and university in America, Cheyney State (PA) University that was in danger of fiscally failing. I challenged today’s Republicans and conservatives to step in and save that institution and make it the first black conservative university in America. Make it a rival to Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Now, there are those of you who will accuse me of being a reverse racist, but I dismiss that accusation. What I am advocating is for an institution of higher learning where young men and women like William can find a place of respite where they will be accepted for their principles, beliefs and values. A place where they do not have to contend with the insidious foolishness that would portend to keep them relegated to a legacy of victimhood, instead of being a victor. It is not about segregating them — it is about a place where we could raise the next Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Condi Rice, Will Hurd, Janice Rogers-Brown, Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott.

I don’t want William ever to feel he is out there alone and without support. What I want William to understand — and I told him so personally — is that he will prevail, and that at the end of the day he will always be able to look at himself in the mirror with pride. He stood his ground. He sets his sights on being exceptional, not just being routine. And if there are those who want to associate exceptionalism and individual achievement with being white – well, they’re stuck on stupid idiots, crabs in the barrel, and are missing out on the greatest blessing of being an American.

William, you are a champion and I am doggone proud of you. I look forward to the day when I hand over the torch to your generation to lead.

And if anyone tells you to hand over that torch, that beacon, tell them, Molon Labe!


  1. I know a High School math teacher who hasn’t talked to her family in many years. All because she worked her ass off to get through high school put herself through college and is now working in a great school. She has been offered jobs by her old high school in a downtrodden area of New York. She would like nothing more than to go to that school or schools and teach math to show the students that you can be something no matter where you come from. But, she will not because of the verbal abuse she has had to endure throughout high school and college from her family and the family friends.

    • This just goes to show that “family” is NOT about blood. It is about the caring and respect people show each other.

  2. My husband served as a sapper in the US Army from 1983-1983. He told me there really wasn’t *time* for racism in the Army; everyone there was one color: GREEN. He has carried this idea forward into his civilian life – you should be judged on your merits alone, not your skin color. I support this idea. I don’t see why this is so difficult for so many people to understand.

  3. Sad that this happens. Worked with an amazing Marine Warrant Officer, enlisted Mustang who became a CWO. He told me on several occasions of the grief he received while working his way through prep-school and college. His nickname was “Carlton” (Fresh Prince of BelAir) because he “acted too white.” As you say, if working hard to get an education, to be well-spoken, well-mannered and successful is “acting white,” what does that say about what “acting black” as an opposite must be?!

    Should there be different definitions of success white and black people? How about just an American people?

  4. “Where was the celebration of Senator Tim Scott, the first elected black Senator from the South since Reconstruction? Where was the celebration of the daughter of Haitian immigrants, the first black female Republican Congresswoman, Mia Love?”

    I don’t know. Where was the celebration of Tim Scott? South Carolina perhaps? Where was the Republican party’s celebration of Mia Love? Do you expect the rest of us to jump and down and celebrate the fact that Republicans have finally joined the 21st century? I’m happy that you guys finally caught up but I’m not going to throw you a party.
    William seems like a great kid and I hope he gets his scholarship.

    • His bigger point is that if Tim Scott had been a Democrat, we would have been served a nation-wide orgy of liberal self congratulation. But since he is a Republican, the event was largely ignored. But you know that, don’t you? By the way, you are a smug, self righteous, and sarcastic man. In other words, a Democrat. And we don’t want you throwing us any parties. We don’t like you, nor are we looking for your acceptance.

      • You don’t need our help to have a nationwide orgy of self congratulation. You have around 50% of the population, you have Fox news, you have control of both houses of Congress. If conservatives wanted people to pay attention to Tim Scott and Mia Love then they should have made some noise about it. It’s not up to liberals to pat you on the back for something we’ve been doing for decades.

      • Please stop denying that Liberal Presstitutes dominate network news, and they are too lazy to be reporters they just recycle New York Times stories. Self-congratulatory libs have not done crap for minorities, other than keeping many in poverty with obscene welfare bureaucracies.

      • I have no idea man. I haven’t watched a network news show in years and years. If you want to celebrate your conservative victories then do it. Just stop whining so much, it’s kind of pathetic.

      • Liberals have done nothing for decades other than talk and pat themselves on the back. You elected Obama and all of a sudden you think your party has been doing it all along and yet your party hasn’t. Rice, Powell, Thomas black people put into positions of power by the GOP based on their qualifications as opposed to their TV ratings. It wasn’t so long ago that the democrats were turning fire hoses and dogs loose on blacks who wanted equality.

      • Oh please, Lyndon Johnson put a black person in his cabinet in 1966. And he nominated Thurgood Marshall to the court in 1967. Bill Clinton had 7 cabinet secretaries who were African American. Quit trying to act like you’re not playing catch up.

      • http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/lyndon-johnson-civil-rights-racism You mean this L Johnson? “According to Caro, Robert Parker, Johnson’s sometime chauffer, described in his memoir Capitol Hill in Black and White a moment when Johnson asked Parker whether he’d prefer to be referred to by his name rather than “boy,” “ngger” or “chief.” When Parker said he would, Johnson grew angry and said, “As long as you are black, and you’re gonna be black till the day you die, no one’s gonna call you by your goddamn name. So no matter what you are called, nigger, you just let it roll off your back like water, and you’ll make it. Just pretend you’re a goddamn piece of furniture.””

        http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/some-of-the-lost-history-in-the-civil-rights-movement “I’ll have those nggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One –
        “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ There is a difference between true inclusion and showmanship.

      • Johnson obviously said some unbelievably racist stuff. He also signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (which removed ethnic quotas from immigration law), the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and he put the first African Americans in both the cabinet and the Supreme Court.
        Did he do it all for political show? Maybe, I guess it’s possible but it seems like a lot of trouble to build a legacy of civil rights accomplishments if you’re not actually in support of civil rights. In any case, my point was that Bush’s appointment of Rice and Powell wasn’t exactly ahead of the curve.

      • The words duplicity and politician go hand in hand. Looking back at the results of welfare can you say it has been a good thing? I’m sure it has helped some, but look around the country. Dependency its growing and personal responsibility has taken a back seat. There is nothing noble about what is happening in the name of helping others through welfare. Here is a link to a fictitious letter. Tell me it doesn’t sound like the situation today. http://www.fredoneverything.net/Klan.shtml

      • Sure it’s possible. All conspiracy theories are possible but it’s not plausible. How many secret racists would have to be in on this plan? Thousands? And to create a welfare system that has far more white “victims” if that’s what you want to call them than black ones in the purpose of keeping blacks down is not a very effective strategy.

      • Thousands out of 300,000,000 people is statistically insignificant. Not all of the participants would have to be racist either merely naive enough to believe they are doing a good thing, the phrase “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” comes to mind. Tell me you’ve never seen good people led astray by lies. As to white people also being on welfare. What makes you think they, elite at the top, don’t want the majority of the population regardless of color dependent? People rarely bite the hand that feeds them. Whereas free thinking independent people are far harder to control. Plus while there are more whites on assistance about 16% of about 220,000,000 blacks participate at a much higher percentage 39% of about 33,000,000. So while there are more whites on assistance blacks are about two and a half times more likely to be on it, context is everything when looking at statistics.

      • It’s not statistically insignificant. Yes it would be easy to find thousands of racists out of a population of 300 million. But they all have to keep their mouths shut. For 50 years. The likelihood of a conspiracy theory being true is inversely proportional to the number of people who have to keep the secret multiplied by the length of time they have to keep it. In this case it’s difficult to imagine that it would be possible.
        Don’t attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. And your theory still doesn’t explain purely civil rights legislation that hasn’t had negative side effects for the black community.

      • No, they don’t have to keep their mouths shut because people will blow it off as a conspiracy theory. Plus not everyone needs to know the true purpose of one’s actions they only need to participate knowingly or not. Someone may have good wholesome intentions and support welfare because they have ideals and want to say they help others, but they often have little real world experience when it comes to dependence. Plant a seed and it will grow regardless if people know why it was planted in the first place. As to why a racist would embrace civil rights. They would do so because if you know it’s inevitable you don’t fight it you use it to your advantage. You twist it to suit your needs or agenda. One’s good intentions are perverted all the time by others. I never said civil rights were bad merely that the welfare system is which has enabled a 70%+- out of wedlock birth rate which has led to numerous people growing up in a disadvantageous situation, many of which grow up and perpetuate the cycle. Don’t forget the 39%+- who are dependent on the government for their daily bread. If you don’t think those percentages have an adverse affect on the black community, as they would any community, I suggest you take a ride through the urban centers of America.

      • Okay I’m done here. You’re a crazy person. Don’t forget to wear your tinfoil hat to keep the Democrats from reading your brain waves.

      • Of course you’re done, you were done before you even posted the first time. You call me crazy and tell me to wear a tin foil hat. Those are the actions of a desperate person with no intellectual ammunition. You didn’t counter anything I said and your questions were those of someone who needs to be spoon fed their thoughts.

    • I don’t believe LTC West was referring to the entire nation celebrating the achievement of elected blacks, but the jubilation of the black community

      • I don’t think that’s true, the black community celebrated the election of the first black president, who whatever else you think about him you have to admit is educated and well-spoken. I even remember reading a number of articles about Tim Scott being the first black Senator from the South in over a hundred years.
        I think there is some of what you describe in the black community but consider the flip side for a moment. What do you mean when you say “speak well?” You mean someone who speaks without the slang and accent associated with the black community right? Someone who speaks “white” in other words. So I would suggest that as much condemnation blacks get from their own community for speaking “white,” there is a quieter form of discrimination that’s directed at the black community by whites for speaking “black.”

      • its speaking proper not white… you have many forms of language with white people also and slang is not accepted in the professional world… that is just how it is.

      • Slang is absolutely accepted in the professional world. You just don’t recognize it because it’s your slang. “That is just how it is” is what people have always said when confronted with inequality that they can’t be bothered to do anything about.

      • Which professional world? Slang is generally looked down upon whether black or white in the professional world, though there are always exceptions. In almost any interview where the wage isn’t minimum or the work requires some education speaking slang will get you a coke and smile and that is about it.

      • I don’t use “ain’t” or even “y’all” in my professional capacity (the later is really an affection anyway, I grew up on the northern plains. I do use them in my personal life. I use “ain’t” mainly for emphasis, and y’all because I think it’s less confusing than “you”, being clearly second person plural, whereas “you’ can be singular or plural.

      • I hear “ain’t” and “y’all” around the office all the time. I’m from the great lakes area but “y’all” is really starting to grow on me.

      • Not completely true! I have known many people who are black that said that only trouble will come for him being elected! Also they were angry he was elected!!! Also many of the blacks I know speak correctly! No slang….. So saying that blacks have celebrated Obama is not accurate at all! Many were mad when he was elected!!!!! Also most of the black slang is an east coast thing. Look at many of our actors and actresses who are black. Even some singers speak correctly. Yet I know many white youth who speak slang because of RAP. It’s awful and unwelcome to see. Look at Whitney Houston and Charley Pride! No one even knew Charley was black until his album had his picture. He never spoke slang! Blacks are American as are we! So let them have a voice and let them rise to the top! All Americans truly want is to succeed at what they do!!!

      • More than 95% of black people voted for Obama. You may know a few who didn’t or did and don’t like him now but my statement was entirely accurate.

    • Here speaks a typical prog who’s never actually had a conversation with a Republican – he’d rather go by his imagined images of the “enemy,” delighting in dog-paddling in his own prejudiced juices rather than look at the world squarely as it is. I have a ton of Republican friends who are the most warm-hearted, inclusive, unprejudiced people you’ll meet. Very far from the group-think, lockstep, vile-mouthed, hate-spewing progs you’ll routinely find on the lib website comment streams.

      • I have many Republican friends also. I suppose what I meant when I said “Republicans” was the party as a national political organization, not the individual people who make it up. Individually many Republicans are inclusive and unprejudiced. But as a party the GOP has generally failed to nominate candidates who aren’t overwhelmingly white, male and Christian.

      • Maybe they do something crazy, such as nominate the best person for the job.

        Joined the 21st century? Shove it. Read the article. The Republicans have been on the forefront of helping blacks, your liberals have been the physical and virtual plantations.

        But of course, we cannot expect reading comprehension from the likes of you.

      • So your argument is that the best person for the job just so happens to be an old white guy 90%+ of the time?
        Republicans love helping black people. They just don’t seem to want to elect hardly any of them. Maybe helping black people is another job that old white guys are just better at.

      • Well when they do, the left starts on them calling them traitors, uncle Toms, etc and saying that they are betraying their people.

      • Do you have an example of that? I couldn’t find any examples of politicians or people in the media calling Allen West an Uncle Tom. There are of course examples of blog comments and such but you can find an example of someone saying ANYTHING on the Internet, it doesn’t make it a trend. I did find this quote from West’s book though:
        “I suspect that by now, those of you with a different perspective are reading this and steaming. Good. Those of you who are black and who follow the progressive socialist ideology and philosophy are most likely shouting at these pages, calling me an Uncle Tom and a sellout.

        In return, let me say you are the ones who are the Uncle Toms and sellouts. You have sold your own once regal and proud black community for less than thirty pieces of silver, and to what end?”

      • Really, until Obama, were the democrats any different? And did the democrats choose Obama based on merit or simply the color of his skin?

      • Yes, Democrats have had greater minority representation in the party for a long time. The Democratic congressional delegation is more diverse than the Republican and that’s been the case for a long time. I have no ability to answer your second question. He won a majority of the Democratic primaries.

      • Last I looked, except for President and VP, the party doesn’t nominate candidates, they must put themselves on the ballot, in the primary first of all. Because of the brainwashing of so many people of color, brown and black, not many choose to put themselves on the Republican primary ballot. Many who do..get elected as the Republican candidate for the general election, and then attacked as Oreo’s and Uncle Toms. Also many live in majority minority districts, which vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

      • So it’s not Republican voters fault. It’s because of those stupid brainwashed minorities who are just too ignorant to recognize how inclusive the party really is. That sounds plausible.

  5. If William had grown up to be a gun-toting, drug-dealing thug, liberals would be lining up to coddle and enable him any way they could. But since he became a productive, upstanding Republican, they demean and marginalize him instead. How is this progress?

  6. Congratulations to this young man… I hope you can get the funding needed to keep Cheyney State open. I would love for my grandchildren who live in PA now to attend that school. But they are quite a few years away from that now.

  7. When I was a student at the US Naval Academy in the mid-90’s, there was a man in my company from a middle class, mixed-ethnicity community. He was black, but he didn’t see the world through a lens of racism, and didn’t act “ghetto.” But the other black students took him aside and harassed him, and threatened him if he didn’t follow them and learn to “be black”. They publicly called him “Junior” because he was still a baby in learning to be black. They forbade him from associating with the rest of us, since we weren’t black. The rest of the Academy didn’t care about his race, but the black students wanted to make sure this one race-blind individual was stamped out, and converted to being “ghetto”.

      • That is the fault of those blindly following the party line. In my opinion welfare was only created to use tax dollars to buy votes.

      • Not really: “Midshipmen are persons of integrity. They do not lie, cheat, or steal.” (It’s since been updated, but that’s what it was back then.) Nobody was lying, cheating, or stealing, so no issues with the honor concept (not code). The issue is that in the Academy environment, especially as a first-year student, you need every ally you can get. The other black students threatened to isolate the one, and quietly put the word out to other black upperclassmen that this one was not being a “team player.”

      • I think the intent is unethical behavior period. Any exhibition of racial prejudice has been a very big NO NO for decades prior to 1990. In 1981 the big thing was sexual harassment. During my training time the training was led by a female Staff Sergeant (E-6), she only baited a Master Sergeant (E-8) with the question about what his opinion of females in his unit was. His response was classic. The Army says we are going to have them, we got them, now we need to get on with what we have to do.

    • Now that’s pathetic! You see we all need to think and do for ourselves without buckling under that type of pressure. It’s like young Mr Cook-Warren said in that letter to Mr. West. He went through pressure too! And came out a hero unto himself. God bless him!!

  8. I don’t know how our public school system will produce anything but young liberals. The teachers were dragging their kids along with them to union protests in Wisconsin for crying out loud. A lot of them interviewed didn’t even know why they were there. Like they say….”if you want something done right, do it yourself.” So, we homeschool.

    • Glad to here that!! What you described re the public schools today is called indoctrination. I’m sure that’s how the ISIS muslims got so many young children to blow themselves up on their command!

  9. Wonderful. The future belongs, rightfully, to the individual – to initiative, ambition, hard work and achievement – not to the collective, the delight in subjugation, the eternally pathetically “secure,” with the “I, my, me, mine” subtext of progressivist warp-speak. I would infinitely rather spend an evening with a creative, energetic, responsible conservative (any color will do) than a foul-mouthed, snide and sneering “progressive” – check the comments on Wonkette or Politico; you’ll see exactly what I mean. By their language you shall know them. When it comes to conservatives, the progs behave like trogs truly.

    • Ehat I would like to know is how the Black Caucus would know his politics? That should not be a question on a scholarship application.

      • It is the Black Caucus not the Black Democratic Caucus. The name indicates it to be all inclusive. Change the name to add the word Democrat and no problems.

      • The caucus is officially non-partisan; but, in practice, the vast
        majority of African Americans elected to Congress have been members of
        the Democratic Party. Eight black Republicans have been elected to Congress since the caucus was founded in 1971: Senator Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts (1967-1979), Delegate Melvin H. Evans of the Virgin Islands (1979-1981), Representative Gary Franks of Connecticut (1991-1997), Representative J. C. Watts of Oklahoma (1995-2003), Representative Allen West of Florida (2011-2013), Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina (2013-present), Representative Will Hurd of Texas (2015-present), and Representative Mia Love of Utah (2015-present). Of these eight, only half have joined the CBC: Evans, Franks, West, and Love.

      • “The caucus is officially non-partisan”

        When it comes to scholarships they should follow the official position. If they are not going to follow the official position on scholarships then change the name of the organization to match their real stance.

  10. Wonderful to see someone so intelligent. He is a shining example to the rest of the black community of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work even when you seem to have the chips stacked against you. The US is still the land of opportunity for all if you are willing to work for it!

  11. This young man is living the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King had for his people. He is a well educated and well spoken young man who chose to rise above his circumstances and is on his way to becoming a strong black leader. When did striving to be everything that Dr. King wanted his people to be become selling out or acting white? This young man should be celebrated. I have for a long time been an advocate for African Americans to strive to live the dream that Dr. King had for them but have been told that because I am white I have no voice for my African American friends. I have studied the teachings of Dr. King my whole life and have a deep desire to see African Americans really grab hold of his dream for them but apparently my whiteness precludes me from speaking out for my black brothers and sisters who are in need of true change and not this false change they have received these past 7 year.

      • yes His people do you have a problem with that. Dr. King was an African American man fighting for the rights of African American Men and women. His dream was for the African American people to be treated as equal and be able to stand hand in hand and side by side with the white people. The term his people was used to keep from having to say African American every other sentence or is that something that because I’m white I’m not allowed to say. Was my comment not politically correct enough for your liking.

  12. If it is any comfort to this young man, I, too faced ridicule and rejection from peers and teachers because of my political affiliation. I even had a Chemistry teacher kick me out of his classroom because I supported Ronald Reagan. I took an incomplete for that class, but I was fortunate that computer programming was considered a science class at the time which allowed me to graduate. The difference is, I am white and grew up in Western Pennsylvania which is/was laden with brain dead union thugs who have never been compelled to express an original thought on any subject. When I turned 18, I hit the road running and never looked back. Yes, I miss the mountains. I miss the Allegheny. I miss my family and childhood friends, but Hell will freeze over before I ever go back to that God forsaken rust belt.

    • It is my firm conviction that truest and purest antidote for slavery … and slavery mentality (and I’m talking about ALL forms) … is:

      1) establishing an intimate and very personal relationship with the God of the Holy Bible, and allowing His Word to be the rule and guide of one’s faith. and

      1) being able to exercise independent thought as it relates to the inalienable God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … which is supposed to be protected and guaranteed by our Constitution

      … and NOT that of cow towing to anyone (or any entity, for that matter) which usurps that right, and/or demands allegiance to them (or it) by oppression and/or punishing (or censoring) civil dissent.

      I was a “Reagan Democrat” who later changed my political part affiliation after it became obvious to me that Liberals have high jacked and taken over the Democratic Party. And the Democratic Party no longer embraces the Biblical principles, upon which this Great Nation was established.

      That said, I am growing very weary of the Republicans who sell out when it comes to true “Conservative” values.

      May God help us in getting fewer “politicians” and MORE “patriots” in political offices, and in places of authority.

      And may God continue to bless, keep AND use you, Sir! Keep exposing the hypocrisy and the error of Liberalism. Thanks for all you do (and have done) ~Bobby

  13. Good for this young man. We definitely need more of his attitude of not letting society or his peers determine who he is or will become.

    Although for someone who hates government, it’s interesting that his goal after school is to get a government job. I would have thought he’d want to get off the government plantation and stay off. I guess if your running the plantation, that’s all that counts.

      • Do you get paid to monitor all of Allen West’s articles and make inane, inappropriate and frankly, asinine responses? Please Go somewhere else with your small-mindedness. I’m making this remark again- it still applies.

      • He gets must get paid by good ole Al. That’s why Al can’t pay his taxes.I wonder if he gets paid to make comments on Dr. Ben Carson’s website. I would vote for a Carson/West ticket in a second! They are two great human beings!!

      • Carson/West ticket?? THE LOON TICKET! Its funny….extremely funny that you LOONS believe that either one has a chance of getting the republican nomination! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • We have not had a non-politician for pres. since Eisenhower, and there is a reason. It can’t be done without political expertise and a personalized personnel directory. Too complicated. Only good argument for choosing Jeb. Hillary has one, but they are all crooks.

  14. Its a sad time in this nation when having conservative values and being a patriotic American are equated to “acting white”. I wish that young man the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

  15. I wish sir you were the spokesman or the blacks instead of the left and Jessie Jackson Al Sharpton they like that race card and will do anything to keep the blacks hating whites the racism is there with the left which are the Democrats and the Liberals The blacks seem to forget they earn their right to be in history and republicans are the ones that have the moral backbone I wish you well and wish more people would remember MLK was republican and he is their idol he was also a good man.

      • Do you get paid to monitor all of Allen West’s articles and make inane, inappropriate and frankly, asinine responses? Please Go somewhere else with your small-mindedness.

      • the liberals told Uncle R. the same….they don’t want him either. Uncle R. get some ice cream and chill out.

      • I agree with that statement! The same applies to me…I speak for myself but some feel the AL and JESSIE speak for the entire black race (except for conservatives)

      • The guy that speaks truth and embraces America and its people as one, without referencing color, is the one that speaks for us. You figure out which guy that is.

      • There is no such thing as white people –or black for that matter…so everything you believe is just a Democrat Delusion. Stop letting the thugs rear-end you with they bigoted, race-baiting. Step into the light and show the world what a truly repentant fool look like.

      • Whites are not herd animals, so they just wander off thinking for themselves. That is why Reps can’t get any discipline going in Congress or in their party. They simply will not read from a script like most Dems and 90% of blacks.

      • Oh, they have plenty of ability, but the desire to fit in is so great, and the punishment for going against the most aggressive is great. “Oreo” for firing a guy who regularly slept on the nite shift. Mocking someone who speaks proper English. I could go on and on retelling stories my friends have shared with me or what I’ve witnessed. You could too, but you won’t.

      • They do have the ability. But remain in herds to follow whoever leads them around by the nose!!

      • Sure we do, IF we freed from the Democrat Livery and Negro Plantation. Otherwise, true to Margaret Sanger, we just get herded around by any race-baiting bigot-minded chump that come along. And we CHUMPS for going along. But mind you this, 26% of black Americans are woke now thanks to ya boy, Obama and them. That number will continue to rise. The TRUTH (juxtaposed with Obama Lies) has started setting the brothers free! You best both trust, AND believe!

      • White do not need a spokesperson. They handle they business like a boss. And you the listless worker they has to fire for….being a listless worker. Play golf much?

  16. As a white female with a batch of tea party and republicans as family I have something to say. First of all these god fearing people go to church, co me home and yell at the tv about all the fucking nights and Ricans on tje football field, at work, on the road and on and on and on. The politicians divide is by race, creed, color and religion. I have ministers in my family, gays, psychics and an abundance of color. I find it hard to swallow your indignation Mr West and your Christianity when, although I haven’t seen it lately because I am almost never online now, I have seen the hate you spread about Muslims. MLK was a great man and a great Republican no doubt. I am so truley sorry he is not here.

    In today’s politics apathy is at high levels. Politicians calling themselves Christians than spreading hate and lies like everyone else trying to divide the people. There are real facts that both sides skew, misrepresent and totally lie about. We can look that shit up now. We can see where all of you get your money and spend your money. Which special interests pay who.

    • You are pathetic, if you don’t understand the language of politics then don’t comment. MLK pushed liberation theology just like Rev Wright except he wasn’t as crazy as Rev Wright! Mr. West hasn’t spread any hate it’s the Muslims. Christians aren’t killing other Christians nor Muslims. ISIS is Muslim and they are killing everybody who doesn’t believe as they do.

    • AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!! Allen west is nothing more than a RACE BAITER….he is WORSE that AL SHARPTON because he makes it a point to try to portray black people as a bunch of thugs and criminals yet NEVER says anything about the millions of of successful black doctors, attorneys, business owners UNLESS they are conservative! I know his parents are spinning in their graves cause I know they didn’t believe they would raise such a DISGRACE!!!

      • If the white’s are holding back the blacks and keeping them down,then as you say there are millions of successful professionals who are black,i really don’t see how some blacks feel as if the white’s are to blame for everything.
        You know I get up every morning and go out to make a living,doing what ever it takes,but I never get up and look in the mirror and say oh damn I’m white ,wonder who’s going to keep me from being the best I can be or I may never be rich or live in a palace but that’s ok its not for everyone.I can’t blame anyone but myself.

      • Whites don’t hold blacks back, Blacks hold blacks back. Crabs in the barrel. Been that way since the first Negro tried to crawl away….snatch him right back into the tar. You seem more like Uncle Ream Us than Uncle Ruckus though. Grab the rainbow much?

    • The Democrats have been rear-ending you so long you just bend over and axe for another! You have got to flee that mentality and stop lying to your own self!

  17. Allen west is nothing more than a RACE BAITER….he is WORSE that AL SHARPTON because he makes it a point to try to portray black people as a bunch of thugs and criminals yet NEVER says anything about the millions of of successful black doctors, attorneys, business owners UNLESS they are conservative! I know his parents are spinning in their graves cause I know they didn’t believe they would raise such a DISGRACE!!!

  18. An educated, hard-working earnest young man like William Cook-Warren should be the norm in society and not the exception. Best of luck to you, Mr. Cook-Warren!

  19. Am I the only who finds it somewhat hypocritical that an “unapologetic young black republicans” who “thinks for himself” would apply for a grant only available to hyphenated “African-Americans”. I thought you guys despised affirmative action. Unless you are the one benifiting. The blatant hypocrisy is why you get called names.

  20. On the CBC website it says you have to write a Personal statement essay 500 to a 1000 words. This guy should start his with: “The real problem in black community…” or “What black history month should be really about…” even ditch the pc and go straight with the “Let me tell you about the kneegrow problem…” Include as many references to welfare, plantations (not to be confused with actual slavery), abortion and make sure to incorporate Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Margaret Sanger, LBJ and Eric Holder. Also he needs to make sure to remind the CBC that Obama is only half-black. And there he will be a shoe in. Will get his handout like every other black man. Freakin tools.

    • That pretty much sums it up. You could have made it shorter by simply saying democrats buy black votes by convincing them they are perpetual victims and the world owes them everything.


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