Here’s who I’m supporting for president right now

Recently I had the honor of addressing the Baldwin County GOP in Alabama at their “Celebration of Patriotism” event. I sat down with John Sharp from who asked me who I’m supporting among the 2016 presidential candidates right now. Here’s what I told him.

He also asked me a few other questions:

Is there anyone who interests you that is planning to run for the Republican nomination for president in 2016? It’s way too early. The field has not been set. You’ll still have another four or five who will jump into this race in the end of June. The most important aspect of being the President of the United States is Commander in Chief. The prism I’m evaluating people with is based upon who can I put into a room with Vladimir Putin.

Do you see that type of person right now? Not currently. That’s not to say someone can’t grow into it. In the 2012 election cycle, it was the first time in about seven decades that we had a sitting president, vice-president and candidates for president and vice-president who didn’t serve in the military. When you look at Capitol Hill now, you have 14 percent or less (of congressmen) who ever served in the U.S. military when 45 years ago, you had 70-75 percent who served in the military serving as members of the Congress. When you look at some of the most important responsibilities of the federal government, it is to provide the common defense and protect the American people. It’s a priority and a responsibility and you have to start looking at that prism of the people who want to make sure they keep the people safe.


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