Obama’s secret plans for GITMO

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result. Now, you’d figure the Obama administration’s most recent scramble to extend the “travel ban” of the Taliban 5 would have taught them a lesson about GITMO detainee transfers. Unfortunately, no. President Obama’s Defense Department has announced it will resume the release of unlawful enemy combatants back into the wild. In fact, it looks like he’s secretly working on emptying the whole den over the next few months.

As reported by Defense One:

The Obama administration intends to transfer up to 10 detainees from the Guantanamo detention center to other countries this month, a senior defense official told Defense One. These would be the first since transfers came to a pregnant pause in January.

“You’re likely to see some progress in June,” the defense official said Wednesday. “I just talked to the National Security Council and State [Department], so we can say maybe up to 10 — no specific timeframe, but in the near future. And then we’re actively engaged with a number of countries in additional negotiations regarding the 57 that are eligible. But sometime this summer, maybe June, up to 10.”

Of the prison’s 122 detainees, 57 have been cleared for transfer to other countries by the Pentagon as part of an interagency review. Last year, the Obama administration sped up transfers in a race to empty the detention center before the Republican-led Congress could block attempts to close it. Those transfers came to a halt in January. In April, the Washington Post reported they might start again, and today, the official told Defense One that some June transfers are likely.

This at a time when the United Nations just reported that ISIS strength has grown 70 percent over the last nine months and they’re recruiting in 100 countries; at a time when our domestic law enforcement just shot dead an Islamic jihadist in Boston and foiled a beheading plot; at a time when the global Islamic jihadist movement extends from Nigeria to the Philippines – the Obama administration wants to release more of these barbarians — a lot more.

The Obama administration told us the Taliban Five posed no significant threat, so why the scramble to extend their stay in Qatar? Perhaps because the threat is both real and significant, as evidenced by the level of contact they’ve had with their Taliban friends back in Afghanistan, as we recently reported here.

During his tenure as Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel authorized the release of 44 unlawful enemy combatants from GITMO. It seems his disagreement with continuing that practice earned him a dismissal – no doubt his book will detail the particulars. Prior to Hagel, Leon Panetta, previously CIA Director, only authorized the release of four – perhaps that’s why he was shown the door? Why is Ashton Carter in the position of Defense Secretary? It’s obvious: Carter wants to close Guantanamo. As Defense One reports of Carter:

“He has also said that he wants to take a holistic approach,” the official said. “So he wants to focus on the 57 who are cleared for transfer, but he wants to see what we’re doing with the rest of those. So he’s thinking about all 122, not just the 57.” The official said Carter was working hard on the issue. “I think it’s fair to say he’s fully engaged in all things Guantanamo — transfers, dealing with the Senate and the House and the Hill, talking with the White House on a regular basis,” the official said.

Ashton Carter is there to do Obama’s bidding. Hagel was doing so, and then all of a sudden wandered off the ranch.

Of course, the liberal progressives will tout the number of detainees President Bush released from GITMO – then again, he was under duress from the Democrat-dominated House and Senate. And who could ever forget Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill) referring to GITMO as a “concentration camp or gulag.” I’ve been to GITMO and it is hardly that.

Once again, campaign promises dominate the “strategy” of President Obama, truly an intransigent ideologue who has no regard for reality. We’ve seen the folly of his removal of all U.S. troops from Iraq. And regardless of what the incredibly delusional House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi states, General Petraeus did his job as the Iraq Operational Theater Commander – after all, why did President Obama call upon him to return to Afghanistan? Sorry Madame Pelosi, it was your beloved President Obama who failed and botched Iraq, stealing defeat from the jaws of victory.

From a legislative perspective, both existing versions of House and Senate NDAA would extend current restrictions on transferring prisoners to the United States, and restore stricter provisions stripped out in past years. In some cases, they would also add new obstacles, essentially blocking many of the third-party transfers. The House version would withhold 25 percent of Carter’s budget as punishment for what House Armed Services Chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, characterized as foot-dragging on providing documents related to the detainees swapped for Bowe Bergdahl.

Then again, such a lawless president sees nothing  including the rule of law and the Constitution — to preclude him from doing whatever the heck he wants. Which is why Obama was scrambling to extend the Taliban Five’s travel ban his own belligerence caught up with him.

And speaking of that fella who served with “honor and distinction,” Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, for some odd reason his Article 32 hearing has been pushed back to September. Things that make you go hmmm…

So the Taliban Five sit tight in Qatar and Bergdahl is still not brought to justice for his despicable action that led to the deaths of six Soldiers who served with honor and distinction trying to find this cowardly deserter. Coincidence? I think not; it’s about moving events out of the lens of the news cycle. Sorry President Obama, I still have my eyes on you and all your nefarious, non-transparent activities.

We’re doing the dumbest of dumb things, releasing the enemy while the enemy continues to grow in strength, resolve and motivation – here and abroad. Obama doesn’t care, and Hillary Clinton focuses on voting rights at a time when minority voting participation has increased. How did we get to this point, America?


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