Republicans caving over Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority


TWO YEARS ago, Col. West wrote about how wrong-headed the Fast-Track Trade Promotion Authority really is.

Now we’re getting ready to watch Republicans in Congress CAVE and give Obama everything he wants.

Col. West wrote, Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution assigns Congress the exclusive responsibility to set the terms of “commerce with foreign nations” — trade. The Founders established this clear check and balance to prevent the president from unilaterally negotiating deals that reward his supporters while harming opponents or the nation as a whole.

If this goes through Obama will be able to sign commercial trade agreements before Congress votes on them. Congress would not even be able to amend the agreements in any way — it would only have an up-or-down vote when the president says so, before members could even read it.

Sound familiar?

Now Wikileaks has released new information about the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), which involves the United States, the European Union, and 23 other countries. Bear in mind this agreement is being negotiated in secret.

Breitbart reports, the draft TISA would require all signatories to allow suppliers to keep private information of customers outside their territory. In other words, if a Pakistani company does business in the United States, that company would not be required to keep American customer information in the U.S. and could instead store that information in Pakistan. Leftists are particularly exorcised about one proposal from Turkey that would allow health tourism to foreign countries, reimbursed by home countries’ health insurance plans.

Leftists are upset about that? How about conservatives? Oh riiight, I guess there really aren’t any left in Washington. There are just “Republicans” and right now led by Mr. Speaker himself, they’re all for it.

Writing for Breitbart, Ben Shapiro says, Congressional Republicans…seem to prefer the crap sandwich approach, just as they preferred the omnibus approach to budgeting that resulted in full funding for Obamacare and Obama’s executive amnesty. By giving Obama the authority to negotiate a trade agreement unilaterally, and tying their own hands by exclusively allowing an up-or-down vote, Congress avoids culpability. They can always claim that they had no power to amend the treaty, and that they had to vote for it because it contained so much good material.

And herein lies the problem with the current structure of America’s executive-led government. Congress always has incentive to pass the buck to the executive; the executive always has the incentive to maximize its own power. TPA is just the latest example of that Congressional abdication in action, even if that abdication is in the service of a generally good cause like free trade.

What was the point of voting these clowns a majority if all they’re EVER going to do is roll over and play dead? I simply don’t get it.

Hat tip to Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope n’ Change cartoons for another winner!


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