WOW: Check out the list of Washington’s most EXPENSIVE speakers

Maybe the reason there are now something like 487 GOP candidates for president is because they’re hoping to rack up a bunch of high-priced speaking engagements after the whole mess is over in a few months.

Well, running for president or in fact even BEING president doesn’t necessarily guarantee you big bucks. Compiled by Statista, here’s a list of the top earners in terms of speaking fees in the U.S.

According to research conducted by ABC News, The Donald is top o’ the heap. “The billionaire earned an incredible $1.5 million for each of his 17 speeches at The Learning Annex’s “real estate wealth expos” in 2006 and 2007 – he was contracted to speak for just one hour! Ben Bernanke makes up to $400,000 per speaking engagement while Bill or Hillary Clinton could cost $200,000.”

Infographic: Washington's Most Expensive Speakers | Statista

Ben Bernanke? Seriously?

Apparently Trump’s fee starts at $200,000 so you might be able to get him for the same price as Bill or Hill.

But Chelsea Clinton is the same price as Dick Cheney?? Something is very wrong here.

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