I answer 5 questions you wish presidential candidates would

A few weeks ago we invited you to submit your top questions to the National Center for Policy Analysis. Well, folks here are the first five, and they’re outstanding questions. Wouldn’t you like to hear how the huge crowd of presidential candidates would answer them? I sure would.

Here are the questions. Scroll down to watch the video of my answers.

1. What policy allows people coming into our country to qualify for everything, including jobs, while Americans are working hard and being fired? What policy needs to be changed to stop this action?

2. Democrats are crushing American energy and businesses by a combination of green propaganda and choking regulations. How are the Republicans going to crush their lies in the minds of our ignorant youth?

3. What are the plans of each presidential candidate to address the critical issues on electric grid security?

4. Why haven’t we heard any updates on Bowe Bergdahl?

5. Do any candidates have any solid plans as to how to solve our national debt problem, or are we just going to wait for the dollar to crash, hyper-inflation and as Doug Casey calls it, the “Greater Depression?”


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