Bill Clinton Gets Some Bad News About His “Behavior”

Funny how quickly “everyone” seemed to forgive Bill Clinton for his Lewinsky-isms, because according to a new Gallup poll, that’s pretty high on the taboo list.

Gallup measured “Americans’ Views of Morality on Selected Issues” and found that “married men and women having an affair” has remained at the bottom of a list of 19 moral behaviors Gallup measured, with only 8 percent considering it morally acceptable.


The other behaviors Americans find generally unacceptable are polygamy, suicide and cloning humans. Interestingly, polygamy is more acceptable than extra-marital affairs, so for philanderers, perhaps the best solution is to simply build a permanent collection via marriage.

Gallup notes that Americans as a whole have shifted to the left. The top four most acceptable behaviors are divorce, pre-marital sex, gambling (which some might say is similar) and gay or lesbian relations. Clearly the LGBT lobby has done a bang-up job on that one.

Here’s the full list of behaviors measured. There’s still a lot of folks who like their fur coats!


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