Muslim student from Kansas foils suicide bomber in Saudi Arabia

I’m quite aware groups such as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations have dropped me off their Christmas card list. Regardless, I will continue to speak the truth on Islamo-fascism and the history of Islamic totalitarianism. I know the liberal progressive left “coexist” crowd finds it unfathomable to accept the truth that there is evil and it hides behind the veil of religion. They prefer to castigate and attack those who will stand for the rights, and survival of Western civilization — as well as Christians — in the face of blatant savage and barbaric assaults.

However, I am one of those who have been to the Middle East to fight against this modern day scourge, this cancer, that has survived since the 7th century. And having been there, I’m well aware of those Muslims who wish to see this cancer eradicated, defeated and destroyed forever. I will always stand shoulder to shoulder with those in the Muslim world willing to lay down their lives in this fight — such as the Jordanian combat pilot so brutally murdered.

And so I gladly lift my voice in praise of a young man who made the ultimate sacrifice in thwarting a terrorist attack. The location of his heroic action matters little, it was the fact that he did.

As reported by the Washington Times, “A Saudi student studying at Wichita State was killed in his homeland Friday after he helped stop a suicide bomber from entering a Shiite mosque in Dammam. Abduljaleel Alarbash, a 22-year-old electrical engineering major and honor roll student at Wichita State, had traveled back to Saudi Arabia to get married, CNN reported. He was killed Friday when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the parking lot of the Al-Anoud Mosque. It was the second such attack in as many weeks claimed by the Islamic State terror group.

The blast also killed Alarbash’s brother, Mohammed, and their cousin, CNN reported. Alarbash’s father said in a video posted Saturday that the trio volunteered as security guards at the mosque and died “heroes” because they prevented the suicide bomber from getting inside the mosque. “The suicide bomber approached the mosque wearing (a traditional robe worn by women),” he said. “They suspected him so they stopped him and uncovered his face.”

I remember being in Dammam, Saudi Arabia as a young Captain in the 1st Infantry Division during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. That port was where we accepted our battalion equipment before we deployed into our battlefield staging positions in the desert.

Also, remember the Khobar Towers bombing conducted by al-Qaida? They’re also in the Dammam area.

As it happens, I was stationed at Ft. Riley, which is also in Kansas and I traveled through Wichita often — the first time was when I was reassigned from Ft. Sill to the Big Red One.

Consider the incredible irony of the courage displayed by young Abduljaleel as compared to the Islamic jihadist. One was willing to protect and be a guardian while the other cowardly wore the dress of a woman in order to perpetrate his nefarious act. And to know that this young man had volunteered — just as our American men and women volunteer to serve — is a reflection of the greatness of heart this young man, Abduljaleel, possessed.

“Abduljalil saved hundreds of lives … including my father and some of my friends,” said Mohammad Aljady, a fellow Wichita State student. “We believe what he did made him a hero, and the world will never forget heroes.” “(Abduljalil) and his brother were heroes,” said Mohammed Alsaeed, another student, CNN reported. “From the bottom of my heart, I thank them for saving my family and others’ lives.” Wichita State is holding a service June 5 to honor Alarbash.”

Abduljaleel Alarbash shall not be forgotten, as he is proof that we can find a bond and coexist, in the fight against militant Islamic jihadism and Islamo-fascism. This young man willingly pursued the enemy of liberty and freedom and gave up his own liberty as a personal sacrifice to preserve such for others. To his future wife and family, accept my condolences and sincere appreciation for raising such a noble young man.

To the King of Saudi Arabia I say, you now have an opportunity that may not last for long. This is your carpe diem moment to make a stand against Islamic jihadism and totalitarianism — not just for the preservation of your rule but for the preservation of mankind and the world.

I challenge you to speak up, just as Egyptian President el-Sisi did, and eradicate the Wahabbism that you have long incubated in your country. Drop the foolishness that afflicts your country and precludes other faiths from being able to freely travel and worship there, give women full rights, and end the medieval justice system. Here is a moment upon which you can capitalize and not allow the sacrifice of Abduljaleel to be in vain.

This young man’s heroic action could be seen as the rallying cry to defeat Islamic terrorism — sadly, I do not believe there are resolute leaders who have the cojones to kick the crap out of these burka-wearing wussies.


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