Unions fight for exemption from minimum wage law they fought to pass

Isn’t this typical?

Remember all the clamoring, begging, whining, and veiled threats over the recent months from the unions regarding raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour? I still have the “Don’t leave anybody out, don’t cut anybody out, a wage raise for all workers!” chant from Mary Elena Durazo, the longtime leader of the 600,000-strong Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO ringing in my ears. And that cute little rhyme from a Fresno demonstrators outside a McDonalds? “Hold the burgers, hold the fries. Make our wages super-sized1″ Or how about this one? As Beau Reynolds with California SEIU Local 100, told the Sacramento Bee, “We’re here to stand up. We’re here to join forces and we are here to demand better. To demand better wages, to demand better benefits and to demand the right and respect that all working families deserve.”

Were they just kidding or were they really that ignorant about what would happen when they forced businesses to pay employees more than they could afford to pay? I guess they were just ignorant after all — although I don’t get it because economists have been warning us for months about the probable outcome of forcing businesses to raise minimum wages. Now, after layoffs, business closures, hours cut, and loss of benefits, guess what? The union leadership that led the way for higher wages is now demanding they be exempted from these same demands for their unions!

As Fox News reports, “Union leaders in Los Angeles are being accused of hypocrisy after being caught trying to exempt themselves from a new minimum wage law they tried to impose on others.”

After pushing through the new wage law, union officials are asking for a waiver that would allow any company that unionizes to avoid paying the minimum wage. Blackmail much?

As Freedom Outpost writes, “It’s one thing if you think everyone deserves to earn a certain amount. This idea, though misguided, is at least somewhat tenable. But there’s an outcome in play, which has nothing to do with the worker, when you seek to have this same rule NOT apply to the very workers you represent.”

Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

Yep, the AFL-CIO leader says ‘Don’t leave anybody out, don’t cut anybody out, a wage raise for all workers!”

…except union ones.


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