This SKEWERS the left’s hypocrisy about black victims

We are huge fans of our friend Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope and Change cartoons because he really does seem to hit right where it hurts.

And while the Left appears to be completely oblivious, right now where it’s really, really hurting is in the black community.

Cold Comfort sm

Stilton says, “by almost any definition the president seems to be ignoring a pretty major ground war right here at home. Over (the past holiday) weekend, shootings in just two Democrat-controlled American cities racked up horrifying body counts which didn’t appear on the presidential radar: in Chicago, 12 dead and 43 wounded. In Baltimore, 9 dead and 29 wounded.”

Unfortunately for the victims, none of them was shot by a police officer – which is why Al Sharpton isn’t marching in the streets, the DOJ isn’t launching any major investigations into lost civil rights (breathing doesn’t count), and Barry isn’t even bothering to tweet #BlackLivesMatter on his precious new Twitter account.

The president has previously suggested that much of the violence plaguing our inner cities can be blamed on policing which is “oppressive” to minorities. Which is why he’s been so vocal about pushing a new, “softer” look for police and their policies.

Frankly, we think he should instead be pushing for softer sidewalks, since that’s where so many bodies seem to be falling.


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