Nashville schools to begin Arabic classes this fall

In case you didn’t know, Arabic is now the number one language spoken by refugees entering this country.


So I suppose it’s not surprising that starting this fall, six schools in the Nashville area will begin offering Arabic classes in addition to the metro district’s current foreign language offerings of Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Latin and German, as reported by The Tennessean.

Is that cause for alarm? Well, it’s great to expand the offering of foreign language classes for students, right? Yes, but…

“The six schools were chosen based on an audit of students’ home languages. Each of the schools has students that speak Arabic as their primary language, and beginning Arabic and heritage Arabic classes will be taught for the varying abilities of students.”

“Heritage Arabic classes are meant to build off the skills students in the districts already have, said Chief Academic Officer Jay Steele” in a press release.

“We believe it will help them be more engaged in school as a whole and also help them stay connected to their native culture,” he said.”

So the schools were chosen because there’s a high number of native Arabic speakers in the neighborhood. Why exactly do they need Arabic lessons? Wouldn’t English be more appropriate?

And why is it the public school’s role to help keep students “connected to their native culture?” I thought that was their parents’ role. But I’m old fashioned that way.

I thought the purpose of the American public school system was to keep Americans connected to their American culture. But I guess I’m old fashioned that way too.

Now perhaps none of this is cause for any sort of concern whatsoever, except if you dig a little bit, you’ll find an awful lot of imams in Tennessee with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) was organized in late 2011 with the support of the Commissioner of Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security and assistance of department personnel.

Organizing councils is straight out of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory-Memorandum and if you dig a little deeper into the organizations who pushed for this advisory council beginning in 2006…well, I’ll just let you read on if you want and make your own conclusions.

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