Michelle Obama REALLY doesn’t want you to see what’s in this report

Poor Michelle Obama and her project to slim down America. Despite all her best efforts and selfie workout videos, the nation has apparently hit a new level of rotundness.

As you may recall, she made childhood obesity one of her key initiatives as First Lady. The goal of her Lets Move! campaign was to “raise a healthier generation of kids” because one of the greatest determinants of adult obesity is the lifestyle patterns created in childhood.

However, as Western Journalism reports, Lady O’s efforts haven’t borne much fruit (clearly people aren’t enough of it). Gallup and Healthways conducted a random survey with over 176,000 participants in reaching its findings that 27.7 percent of Americans were obese in 2014, up from 27.1 the year before, and up significantly from 2008 (the year Barack Obama was elected) when the rate was 25.5 percent.”

“There are proven, effective interventions for helping people lose weight and sustain their weight loss,” says Janet Calhoun, senior vice president at Healthways. “For maximum impact, interventions need to go beyond addressing eating habits and physical activity, and include the emotional and social aspects of well-being…[to achieve] long-lasting behavior change.”

That’s gobbledegook for something like “Let’s allocate four billion dollars of taxpayer money to study why people eat too much and don’t work it off. Then we’ll give Harvard sixty-eight billion dollars in taxpayer dollars to hire university professors to study mice and lobsters to see if they’ll overeat if given the chance. We also need to know if the mice have emotional issues as a result of overeating or if they overeat and THEN have emotional issues…” Blah blah blah…

OR we can just go back to how things were fifty years ago which will pretty much cost us nothing and I can guarantee the results. Back in the day, ALL kids were required to participate in PHYSICAL EDUCATION, which actually meant real physical activity. We had one hour of field hockey, track, basketball, etc. every single day of every year from kindergarten to 12th grade. No one ever even thought for one second about sitting it out. You were REQUIRED to participate and pass. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if someone had failed to dress out — it never happened. Today, the little dears are allowed to refuse to participate, they can tell the teacher to take a hike with no fear of consequences (except getting fat). It’s amazing that some of these kids refuse to run a few laps during class, but then get out and run the streets rioting and looting.

Michele Obama needs to stop talking about broccoli and tofu, and start talking about the total collapse of the discipline in our school system which is the REAL root of the problem, not a bag of chips in a vending machine at the school cafeteria.

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