Fox is America’s most trusted news channel

You can’t help but think (hope?) there’s a tide turning in this country. Once again, Fox News comes out on top as American’s most trusted news channel.

As Statista reports, “According to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, Fox News is the most trusted network and cable news channel in the United States. 29 percent of American respondents said they trust Fox News the most, compared to just 22 percent for CNN. The results of the survey should come as little surprise, given Fox News’ immense popularity and massive ratings. For many Americans, it’s their primary mainstream news source. In 2014, it was ranked second behind ESPN in total viewers among all ad-supprted basic cable networks in addition to having the top five programs in cable news.”

Infographic: America's Most Trusted News Channels | Statista

And oh, how the mighty have fallen. Look where the three mainstream networks rank — scraping the bottom with MSNBC.

But is it any surprise? After the revelations about Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos — not to mention Dan Rather’s fall from grace those years ago — it’s really hard to give the networks any credibility whatsoever.

And a network that gives Al Sharpton his own show can’t be viewed as anything but a comedy channel.

Well done, Fox!


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