Exclusive: Plus-size unique strawberry sues Shari’s Berries

While our culture tries hard to celebrate “diversity,” it also seems like everyone has a beef about something. Everybody wants to make a point of being different — sometimes taking it to an extreme — but then wants to be treated exactly the same. Not sure you can always have it both ways.

On that note, we bring you this little bit of satire to brighten your day.

A Florida strawberry has sued San Diego-based gourmet retailer, Shari’s Berries, for discrimination. In the suit, the strawberry claimed its employment application was turned down because of its “large, misshapen appearance.”

In a statement, the strawberry said, “I was very disappointed in my treatment at Shari’s Berries. On their website it says they ‘cherish and respect people, both customers and partners.’ I thought they’d give strawberries the same respect. Just because I’m differently-shaped doesn’t mean I’m not delicious.”

Gloria Allred, representing the strawberry said, “This sort of discrimination is unfair. Why should Shari’s Berries demand all their strawberries match some artificial standard of beauty? My client is still a strawberry, tastes like a strawberry, and smells like a strawberry. It’s simply un-American that all shapes and sizes are not acceptable.”

Shari’s Berries is part of Provide Commerce, a “premier gifting company” delivering flowers, chocolates, gift baskets and unique personalized gifts. The company regularly advertises on conservative radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.

A company spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

(And by the way, the berries ARE delicious! I ordered them for my dad).


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