ISIS now drawing fighters from half the world’s countries

Earlier this year in a White House announcement, President Obama crowed that ISIS recruiting was down and that motivation was lacking. He said they weren’t achieving their goals and were on their way to being defeated. Yeah, riiiight.

So the United Nations has just released a very disturbing report that completely contradicts what President Obama stated, and confirmed what our eyes have seen.

As reported by The Guardian, “More than half the countries in the world are currently generating Islamist extremist fighters for groups such as al-Qaida and Islamic State, the UN has said. A report by the UN security council says there are more than 25,000 “foreign terrorist fighters” currently involved in jihadi conflicts and they are “travelling from more than 100 member states.”

“The number of fighters may have increased by more than 70 percent worldwide in the past nine months or so, the report says, adding that they “pose an “immediate and long-term [terrorist] threat.” The sudden rise, though possibly explained by better data, will raise concern about the apparently growing appeal of extremism. The geographic spread of states touched by the phenomenon has expanded, too. The report notes continuing problems with understanding the processes of radicalization, but says, despite a concentration on the internet, social networks in conflict zones and Western cities play a key role. “Those who eat together and bond together can bomb together,” the report says.”

Ok, so according to the UN, this incredible growth of the Islamic State poses “an immediate and long-term [terrorist] threat” — and I would future qualify this as Islamic terrorism. Hmm, so the UN does not agree with President Obama that climate change is the greatest national security threat? After all, America is part of the world and the UN just stated that ISIS poses a short and long term terrorism threat.

Now, today when queried about this report the venerable talking head of the Obama administration, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest, stated, “the United States will not be responsible for securing the security situation in Iraq.”


Ok, so we’ve truly been sold a bad bill of goods from President Obama who has clearly stated that the objective was to degrade, defeat and destroy ISIS. Has the strategy now changed because of the inept intransigence of this current administration? Was this just another “red line” that somehow was erased while we weren’t watching?

And where is this impressive coalition of 60 nations we’re supposedly leading? This is abject absurdity, and it seems that the issue of ISIS will be dismissed, denied, and eventually passed onto the next administration. And I can tell you there are a few folks hoping to be president who should be immediately disqualified from being Commander-in-Chief because they lack the vision, resolve and determination to combat this Islamic terrorist threat.

We’ve said countless times on this website that the Obama administration is not serious about having any effect against ISIS. And recent reports from our combat pilots complaining about rules of engagement is telling. Apparently, on average we’re flying only 14 combat sorties per day against ISIS — that is deplorable. And many of our combat aircraft are returning to base with full ordnance due to the lack of any Ground FACs (Forward Air Controllers) to direct precision munitions against advancing ground forces.

I applaud the efforts of our Delta Force and their strike operation which killed one ISIS leader along with some 30 of his savage buddies — plus we got his wife. But from a strategic perspective, what are we doing to stem the growth of the global Islamic jihadist movement? Seventy-percent growth in nine months is astronomical and from 100 different countries yet!

But the White House response is, hey, we wash our hands of this but will help Iraqis to fix it themselves. Hate to tell President Obama and his litany of acolytes, but the insane decision to create a vacuum in Iraq led to the reconstitution of al-Qaida and ISIS. Just the simple ability to listen to his military advisors and not the political Rasputins would mean Ramadi, Fallujah, Mosul, and Tikrit would have never seen what has transpired. It would mean tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities would still be alive and in their own homes. Instead, Josh Earnest basically just told ISIS feel free, we’re not going to do anything. Earnest’s words have already been translated into the next ISIS recruiting video evidencing the abject weakness of America. Yes, weakness is enticing and it is the greatest recruitment asset to ISIS — not GITMO.

As a matter of fact, consider that the five senior Taliban leaders who were unconstitutionally released by President Obama (Article I, Section 8, Clause 11) are now free to return back to Afghanistan at a time when the Taliban are still fighting and killing Americans. Talk about another great recruiting video. And what did America get in return for releasing five Islamic terrorist barbarians? A doggone deserter.

China is claiming islands and expanding its hegemonic dominance in the South China Sea — funny, Obama stated we were pivoting from the Middle East to focus on the Pacific Rim. We certainly did one of those things.

On Memorial Day folks got into a tizzy because of a clothing store that was selling a t-shirt with the American flag upside down — which symbolizes a nation in distress. When I consider President Obama’s address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy last week and his Memorial Day speech, I’m thinking perhaps that t-shirt had a very appropriate message for America.

Remember the song by Kenny Rogers, “Coward of the County?” I hope America will come to understand that sometimes you have to fight to be a man.


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