Al-Jazeera poll shows overwhelming support for ISIS

We continue to be told about “moderate Muslims” and that ISIS is not “Islamic” and not representative of the “religion of peace.”

Ok cool, then someone should probably explain their global recruiting effort and this recent report from Truth Revolt saying “An online poll at the website of the Al-Jazeera news network shows overwhelming support for the terrorist group ISIS. With more than 40,000 votes, 81 percent of those that have taken part say they support the latest victories ISIS has had.”

Here’s the translated web page.

Al Jazeera ISIS English

In case you’ve been watching too much reality TV and are unaware. Al-Jazeera is based in the Gulf Cooperation Council country of Qatar, whose leader was one of two who attended the recent Middle East summit at Camp David. Qatar’s government funds Al-Jazeera, yep, state owned media, and Al Gore’s failed liberal progressive socialist Current TV network was sold to Al-Jazeera. Those of us who’ve served in combat in the Middle East know Al Jazeera as the voice of the Islamic jihadists — famed for being a propaganda arm for Osama bin Laden.

But even more disconcerting is that Qatar is the place where five senior Taliban leaders unconstitutionally released from Guantanamo Bay by President Obama reside — but within the week will be released to return back to Afghanistan.

I believe we need to follow the money because ISIS and Islamic terrorism doesn’t exist in a vacuum, they find external support and financing from somewhere. And you’ll come to find that Qatar has been one of those countries providing that support. All the while this nation placates us by allowing Al Udeid Air Base there not far from the city of Doha where the leader of Hamas resides.

Ain’t life just grand?

So what do we make of the survey conducted on the Al-Jazeera news network website? That perhaps, just perhaps, there are actually quite a few people in the Islamic world who are cheering on ISIS and what they’re doing? Of course the “coexist” crowd will castigate me as an “Islamophobe” — nah. I’m just a realist who understands there are good guys and good leaders in the Islamic world who see militant Islam as not just a threat to us — but also to themselves.

However, perhaps that’s not the prevailing sentiment in the Islamic world, that groups like Boko Haram, ISIS, Al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jabhat al Nusra, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Al Quds Martyrs, Ansar al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida in the Maghreb, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, Jemaat al Islamiya, Taliban, Haqqani Network, Abu Sayyaf…I think I’ve mentioned a majority of them — are welcomed, and somewhere behind the hidden curtains they’re spoken of with sincere admiration and affection.

There is a global Islamic jihadist movement and eventually we in Western civilization are going to have to accept that reality. It doesn’t mean we target an entire group, but we can ill afford to dismiss the cancer. Coexist, yep, but coerce, nope.

Just think about this: the state-run media of Qatar, Al-Jazeera, is broadcasting right here in America. Do I believe in freedom of the press? Certainly. But I also don’t believe in doing stupid stuff just to convince yourself you’re multicultural, benevolent, and accepting. We should not advance a theocratic-political totalitarian ideology that is the antithesis of the fundamental precepts of individual liberty and freedom, which we enjoy here in America.

You just have to ponder, what if Al-Jazeera in America ran a similar survey?


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