New York school tries dumbest thing EVER to combat racism

This Friday our youngest daughter Austen will be graduating from high school in Florida. She’s decided to continue her education at Dallas Christian College. I’m very proud of her, and her older sister, Aubrey.

I took some time to reflect on when I was graduating from Henry Grady High School in Atlanta and my choices to further my education. It came down to three schools: Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, North Georgia Military College in Dahlonega, GA, and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

I had my sights set on heading to southern university at a istorical black college and university (HBCU). But it was the wise and all knowing “Buck” West, my dad, who put the kibosh on that idea. His belief was that since my goal was to go to college and earn my commission as an Army officer, I needed to be in an atmosphere that would be reflective of that environment.

Buck West believed that I needed to know what it’s like to be in the minority and not be intimidated by it. He wanted me to understand that in life I just needed to know what the standard was, and then excel beyond it. He also implored me to realize that my skin color was not an obstacle to success and achievement, and all I should seek was the level playing field – equality of opportunity.

Those sage words came from a man who grew up under the specter of “separate but equal.” His boy was just plain equal – and that had been determined by the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education case.

And so today, I was appalled to read this from The Grio, that “A private school in New York City, Fieldston Lower School, is taking a controversial approach to racism and race issues by dividing its third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders into groups by race during a five week program, then bringing them all back together to share their thoughts in mixed settings.”

“L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy, a professor of sociology and black studies at the City University of New York, said that the idea of dividing students into these “affinity groups” is actually a good idea. “The goal is to separate kids apart to get them to talk about the realities that they come from, to see the diversity within them and then to re-engage in a conversation not simply about ‘you look different than me,’ but what is the baggage and the weight that we carry into the room and how do we create a more equitable, diverse and just environment,” he said.”

“Sachi Feris, a blogger who runs Raising Race Conscious Children, said that the program can be especially useful in showing white children the privilege that they might not have even noticed in their own race. “Because whiteness isn’t always named and is treated as invisible and sort of the neutral norm in our society … you have a situation where white children don’t even necessarily know the word ‘white’ and know that they’re white and know what the role of whiteness plays in terms of white privilege and power in our society,” Feris said.”

I was just in New York City last week and this is just unconscionable. Is there any doubt as to why race relations in America are going backwards? Here we are purposefully introducing segregation as a means to break down the barriers of race?

Now, I am not a Sociology professor, but this is just doggone absurd. It seems to me we’re separating one group in order to get them to converse upon grievances, while the other group is separated and sent on some insidious guilt trip. And then we throw them all back together as REALLY confused young kids who have now been subjected to adult stupidity.

What the heck happened to kids going to school and focusing on their reading competency, math literacy, and scientific inquisitiveness? Instead we get these chuckleheads who screw up our kids and have them confronting falsely developed narratives.

Raising race conscious children? Pardon me, I thought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — a product of my neighborhood — envisioned a nation where children were to be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. And character is built as they become confident and competent – enabling them to be victors, not victims.

Sachi goes on to say, “So I think that when that’s the case, having an affinity group where white students can explore that and learn about that together is really, really powerful.”

So I see Sachi, let’s get all the little white kids together and brow beat the heck out of them and make them feel bad about their pigmentation? So the ultimate goal is to break down one group, advance a grievance discussion with the other – then throw them back together. Yep, that’s the liberal progressive socialist SOP – social egalitarianism and divisiveness.

Now, let’s compare Dr. McCoy’s theory of “affinity groups” to the U.S. military. The military under the leadership of President Harry Truman – a combat veteran Artillery officer in WW I – desegregated the military. Why? Because unit cohesiveness and teamwork is not built on separating. It is built on uniting. It’s not about pitting one group against each other – albeit Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines do love to poke fun and on occasion fight each other – but that is esprit de corps and pride in one’s respective service. However, when the bullets fly, we fight as one. Sure, when I was a young artillery lieutenant at Ft. Sill in my basic course we competed to make the Commandants List – yes, I did – but we worked together to do our best to make sure no one failed a gunnery or tactics test.

The last thing we need in the classroom with our children is liberal progressive socialists conducting experiments on our kids who are supposed to be educated, not indoctrinated.

There’s a reason why home schooling is becoming more popular. And just think, there are parents who are actually paying to expose their children like little lab rats to this nonsense. I can just imagine if I walked home from Our Lady of Lourdes School and told Buck and Snooks West that the teacher separated us and talked to us about diversity and where I come from. Those who knew Snooks West, well, she would have been there the next day at 0800 and would have gone up one side and down the other of everyone in the school.

Sadly, there are not many parents who are asking their children what they did and what they learned in school on any respective day. And that means the sociology professor ends up raising your son or daughter.

Using segregation in order to break down racism is about as dumb an idea as they come. Teaching kids that they all have an equality of opportunity to excel and “Be all they can be” is the American way – the embodiment of personal achievement and exceptionalism. What is happening at Fieldston Lower School just ain’t right.

So, where are the sane adults?

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