“Deadly force” kills 9 in Baltimore in 72 hours

So the word is that Rev. Al Sharpton is heading to Cleveland, Ohio because that’s where the cameras and protestors are after the acquittal of a Cleveland police officer.

And of course the media is reporting the agreement reached between the Cleveland Police Department and the U.S. Department of Justice over the use of deadly force.

But something is terribly amiss. What about the widespread use of deadly force this past Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore and Chicago? I suppose black lives don’t matter unless the liberal progressive left and their complicit media accomplices say they do.

As reported by RT.com, “A surge of fatal shootings in Baltimore, Maryland over Memorial Day weekend has propelled the number of murders so far in May to 35, making it the deadliest month in the city since 1999. In the midst of a wave of violence that has anything but waned in the weeks since riots unfolded across Baltimore, city officials say the tally of homicides so far in 2015 stands at 108 as of Tuesday morning.

The Baltimore Police Department told local network WJZ News that 28 people were shot over Memorial Day weekend this year. This included nine fatalities. With the death toll for May now pushing three dozen, officials say the city is currently experiencing its most violent month since 1999.”

In a 72-hour period there were nearly 29 shootings resulting in 26 people injured and 9 dead in Baltimore. Where are the news cameras to cover this story and what about the protestors hitting the streets?

What makes this tragedy less newsworthy and exposed than the incident surrounding the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray? I can tell you: it’s because the deaths of these 9 black individuals doesn’t fit into the desired political agenda to demonize and denigrate law enforcement – so Sharpton heads to Cleveland.

“Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake added through a spokesperson that she’s “disheartened and frustrated by this continuing violence, particularly when you think about the progress the city has made.”

Will she ask the Department of Justice to step in and conduct an investigation?

“It’s deplorable,” City Councilman William “Pete” Welch told the Baltimore Sun. “The shootings and killings are all over the city. I don’t think any part of the city is immune to this. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

What is even more deplorable is the dismissal that so clearly evidences the irony and hypocrisy of the liberal progressive left. What is sad are the words of Rev. Jamal H. Bryant, local pastor and activist who stated earlier this month, “Baltimoreans have almost been anesthetized to the recent killings. In any other community, these numbers would be jaw-dropping.”

So what does this say, that black-on-black crime is just acceptable, the norm, an agreed upon reality that is part of the urban economic plantation that offers no hope, no opportunity, and no respite from the incessant violence? And I just have to ask, why should law enforcement in these urban areas stand at the ready knowing that they’re just one judgment away from being attacked as the “bad guy?”

Horribly so, not to be outdone, Chicago was the place where 56 were shot and 12 killed over the same Memorial Day weekend. And we all know about the hundreds of young black men who have been killed due to gun and gang violence in the Windy City.

Where is the media to cover the story of the New Orleans area police officer who was shot to death while providing security at a construction site?

Here is a telling fact as written by RT.com, “Ahead of the [Memorial Day] weekend homicides that shattered a long-standing city record, the [Baltimore] Sun reported in mid-May that homicides were up nearly 40 percent compared to the same time last year.”

Is there no shame with the liberal progressive left whose blatant hypocrisy cannot be debated? They are cherry-picking based on a desired political agenda. The faux black leaders who still promulgate the folly of “hands up, don’t shoot” – where are they? Where are Reps. Elijah Cummings and Donna Edwards and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus? All I hear is chirping. And I certainly hear nothing emanating from neither the first black female Attorney General nor President Obama.

The time has come for the black community to realize that it is just being played by the charlatans of the left. Who will step forward and talk about better education choices? Who will take up the mantle and address the issue of the breakdown of the black family, where only 25 percent of households have two parents? How do we reinvest capital in order to advance small business development and economic growth?

This is not about relaxing drug penalties, there is something far more deep seeded that must be assaulted. We are watching something unbelievable happening: the suicidal genocide of the black community. It pains me to no end as I watch my community being sold out for political servitude.

And which political party has been in charge of the inner cities all across America?


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