You will NOT believe the threat Obama just gave to the military

Ok, so you’ve gone through four tough years at an American Service Academy and you find out that the Commander-in-Chief is your commencement speaker. You sit there awaiting some inspiring address on leadership and how you as a young Second Lieutenant/Ensign will face the challenges as an American leader to protect our nation — to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Your parents, family, and friends are there to see your transition from Cadet or Midshipman into the legacy of leadership. You’re on pins and needles as the Commander-in-Chief steps to the microphone and your heart is racing as your battle-tested former military president utters the first words — and then you snap back to reality and realize it was all a dream.

You look up and see in actual fact it’s President Barack Obama and he tells you that climate change is the biggest threat to the nation — and folks, that is not a dream. It really did happen.

As reported by Real Clear Politics, “President Obama delivered the keynote address at the United States Coast Guard Academy commencement Wednesday in New London, Connecticut. In his commencement speech, Obama warned graduates climate change is one of the largest threats they will have to face as they defend the United States and our nation’s interests abroad.” 

“In his speech, Obama said denying climate change or refusing to deal with it is negligence and “dereliction of duty.” “If you see storm clouds gathering or dangerous shoals ahead you don’t just sit back and do nothing,” President Obama said Wednesday. “You take action to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty. So too with climate change.” “Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security,” Obama also said. “It undermines the readiness of our forces.”

I know, you just cannot believe it. Well, here are his exact words:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Climate change is one of those most severe threats. This is not just a problem for countries on the coasts or for certain regions of the world. Climate change will impact every country on the planet. No nation is immune. So I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security. And make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. So we need to act and we need to act now.

After all, isn’t that the true hallmark of leadership? When you’re on deck, standing your watch, you stay vigilant, you plan for every contingency. If you see storm clouds gathering or dangerous shoals ahead you don’t just sit back and do nothing. You take action to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty. So to with climate change. Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security. It undermines the readiness of our forces.

So now according to President Obama, if you’re a young military leader who doesn’t agree with the religion of the liberal progressive socialists, you are negligent and derelict in your duties.

Next week, five senior members of the Taliban will be free to depart Qatar and return to Afghanistan — to the battlefield. That decision was made by Obama, that is dereliction of duty. ISIS has stormed and taken several major cities in Iraq. It is the reconstituted savage version 2.0 of the once defeated al-Qaida in Iraq. The decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq was made by Obama — that is negligence and dereliction of duty. What kind of person stands before these young future leaders who will be called upon to patrol and protect the coastal borders of the United States and issues such a blatant threat if they do no acquiesce to a political agenda?

The national debt of the United States was $10.67 trillion in January 2009. Today under the Obama reign it has exploded to $18.5 trillion. That is clearly negligence to the highest degree and truly threatening to the economic and national security of this nation. I hate to say this but it seems that President Barack Obama has a delusional perspective on national security threats — especially as we watch the proliferation of the global islamic jihadists threat. It was just the previous day where our cousins to the north captured ten young men attempting to deploy and fight for ISIS — that is a preeminent national security threat.

So how it is that our young military leaders are supposed to fight the weather? And is it possible that Obama will emplace political officers into military units seeking out those who are “climate change deniers?” We are already seeing the persecution of Christians in the military — the most recent being an Air Force Major General who gave a speech attributing the success of his career to God. Our good friend Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation strikes again. As the Daily Mail reported, “An Air Force general who recently spoke about how God has guided his career should be court-martialed, a civil liberties group has claimed. Major General Craig Olson used a speech at the National Day of Prayer Task Force event on May 7, to credit God for his accomplishments in the military, referring to himself as a ‘redeemed believer in Christ.’ The address prompted the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to launch a vitriolic attack of Maj Gen Olson, calling for the two-star general to be court-martialed and ‘aggressively and very visibly brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions.”

President Obama is demanding that military leaders submit to his religion — or be considered negligent and derelict in their duties. And when a military leader speaks of his faith and belief, the call goes out for his punishment for “unforgivable crimes and transgressions.”

This is the world of the militant progressive socialist and secular humanists and atheists. I truly find little that separates this rhetoric from the Islamo-fascists who use fear, intimidation, and coercion to force submission to their political-theocratic ideology. But to have this abhorrent vile behavior aimed towards our valiant warriors and military is disconcerting to say the least. I can truly state that I know God directed every part of my military career and it was into His hands I placed my life each time I deployed into combat or even when I conducted my countless airborne training operations. Now it seems that some, like Weinstein, believe that to be a crime, a transgression.

I pray for the day when our men and women in uniform, those young leaders graduating from our service academies can actually have a Commander-in-Chief who will give an inspiring message of leadership from personal experience of having served. I pray that our young men and women can have a leader who will not be a afraid to give honor and Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray for a leader who will impart the words of the Prophet Isaiah 54:17 (NIV), “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me.”

Fear God and dread not young warriors, and do not succumb to the politicized threats from the progressive socialists and the militant secular humanists — the liberal leftists. Remember, your oath is to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic — and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.


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