It’s got to be bad for Obama when THIS happens

Last night I appeared on “On the Record” with Greta von Susteren, and she asked me how is it that ISIS is able to recruit so well here in the United States and in Western nations? I replied it’s simply because they are winning and we are looking confused. We can’t even find the courage to name the enemy for who they are. As a matter of fact, we have these inane debates about why call the enemy what they call themselves — as if we will hurt the feelings of Islamic jihadists. In the aftermath of the shooting of two Islamic jihadists in Garland, Texas, the conversation was about blaming the organizer of the free speech event – who finds herself now listed on the jihadist death list.

ISIS conducts a celebratory parade through Ramadi in broad daylight – that’s what victors do. Losers sit at the negotiating table with a country that shouts invectives urging for its very destruction — and just in case you’re living under a rock, I’m referring to America and Iran.

So who wouldn’t want to be on the winning team, marching across the world, beheading, crucifying, assaulting, and destroying — while talking heads of our Obama administration attempt to tell us their strategy is working and the enemy is on the defense. Doggone, if this is a strategy that’s working, I really don’t want to see one that’s failing! But maybe, just maybe, the facade of hopey-changey foreign policy and kumbaya is starting to fade and dissipate before our very eyes.

As reported by The Daily Beast, “A senior congressional Democrat — ranking member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) — said Tuesday that he’s concerned the Obama administration’s strategy for defeating ISIS is heading in the wrong direction. “Alarm bells should be going off,” Rep. Adam Schiff told reporters during a question and answer session in Washington, calling ISIS’s capture of Ramadi “a very serious and significant setback” in U.S.-led efforts to defeat the group in Iraq and Syria. Administration officials have said in recent days that their efforts to defeat ISIS are succeeding and have sought to portray the group as back on its heels, a characterization that Schiff rejected. He said the U.S. lost time trying to help Sunnis get integrated into the Iraqi military, which the U.S. wants to lead the boots-on-the-ground fight against ISIS. Schiff also said the ground offensive had become too dependent on Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and that speeding up the inclusion of Sunnis into Iraqi forces would help the Iraqi military stand on its own. Schiff said that he didn’t think the U.S. was “losing the war” against ISIS, “but we’re not making tremendous progress, either.”

Unfortunately, if you watch the daily White House press briefings, the alarm bells are not going off — but the spin doctors are hard at work. And can you see clearly why the leader of Bahrain decided to attend a horse race with the Queen of England rather than listen to more drivel and spin from President Obama last week.

This cannot be downplayed and to hear Josh Earnest talk about “setting our hair on fire each time there is a setback” displays the abject dismissal of someone who should be pulled off that podium and sent to the Iraqi front lines. This is the same inane mouthpiece who had the gall to state that there has been overall success in Iraq. We’re not buying it, and it seems the Ranking Member of the HPSCI, Rep. Schiff, isn’t either.

This is why, as I was walking out after the interview at Fox News in New York, one of the cameramen — who are all great guys, by the way — walked with me and said we need someone with “cojones” to make these people fear us. If there is one thing Americans cannot stomach, it’s cowardice and losing — especially against a bunch of 7th century savage religious ideologues and fanatics.

The time of castigating folks as “warmongers” and other disparaging names has drawn to an end. The rhetoric of the American people being tired of war has run out of gas. The American people do not want to be embarrassed and seen as ineffective and clueless. We are losing. We have no strategy. The only strategy we have is to reduce the capability and capacity of our own military. We are devoid of leadership. We are displaying a complete and utter lack of will. We have abandoned those Sunni tribal leaders and fighters who enabled us to kick the crap out of al-Qaida in Iraq — and are now being brutally hunted down and killed.

I recently wrote about a young man I met in Franklin,Tennessee who was a former Interpreter/Translator for our forces in Iraq — and today is an American citizen and a Soldier in the U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Group. Imagine what he feels right now? If there is one thing clear, the liberal progressives are repeating history and the killing fields of Pol Pot.

Even the Washington Post editorial board is screaming from the rafters about this situation — certainly not a bastion of conservative journalism.

The word is that President Obama is meeting with his national security team to develop a strategy — ya gotta be kidding me. And unless it involves bringing in generals such as Jack Keane and James Mattis, I don’t want to hear that Obama is meeting with Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, and Valerie Jarrett. There can be no doubt that the Obama strategy was to wait this out and let the next person deal with it, and claim success in withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan while being first to sign a deal with Iran and open up relations with Cuba. Wow, now ain’t that being a daisy!

What would I recommend as a strategy? First of all, I wouldn’t have completely withdrawn all our forces from Iraq, as General Lloyd Austin recommended. But right now we would deploy several Brigade/Regimental Combat Teams with a multi-faceted air support contingent, rotary and fixed wing into Kurdistan.

I wrote my plan/strategy here on this website before. ISIS cannot be allowed to move at all and the intent would be to isolate them into several pockets and reduce those pockets — cut them off, and kill them. This is not about nation-building, but it would be an operation focused on the destroying the enemy.

This weekend is Memorial Day and sadly there will be families mourning those they lost in Ramadi, Fallujah, and Mosul. You can be as intransigent as Barack Obama and rant on about not going into Iraq. But one thing is for certain, men and women fought and won in Iraq. We are now desecrating their sacrifice.


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