You won’t believe why paranoid school officials suspended this fifth-grader

Eleven-year-old Aarin Moody is a fan of Nerf guns, those plastic toys that “fire” foam bullets.

Aarin plays with Nerf guns at home and says he put a toothpick in the end of the Styrofoam bullet so it sticks in the dirt when he shoots it. But last Friday, he forgot it was in his pocket.

As CBS Philly reports, when Aarin showed up at school, “I pulled out my late slip and that’s when the item fell out of my pocket and a teacher had seen it.”


“Aarin was immediately escorted to the office by a security guard. His mom says the vice principal told her Aarin would be expelled, a punishment that later turned to suspension mentioned in Aarin’s disciplinary records which indicate he was in possession of a self constructed weapon.”

“According to the school’s policy a weapon is “anything readily capable of lethal use or inflicting serious bodily injury.”

“It sound completely ludicrous to me that my son would be expelled for a Nerf bullet,” said Michelle Moody.”

If a toothpick is considered capable of inflicting serious bodily injury, then I’m hoping the school will also ban sharp pencils, thumbtacks, safety pins, staplers, staple removers, scissors and paperclips.

It’s getting ridiculous.

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