“No boots on the ground” just kicked some serious ISIS butt

To be boots on the ground or not to be, that is the question. Whether to slay thy enemy with brute force or delay the inevitable is that which confronts the kingdom. Perhaps if William Shakespeare would have written a couplet regarding the recent Army Special Operations raid against ISIS, it would have sounded like that.

But first, a very special salute and hat tip to those unsung warriors of the Army Special Operations Group – Delta, aka, Delta Force. This serves as a simple reminder that when we unleash our force, it is unstoppable.

As Fox News reported over weekend, “U.S. personnel overnight killed a key Islamic State leader in charge of the group’s oil and gas operations in a raid in eastern Syria, the White House said Saturday. A team of Delta Force commandos slipped across the border from Iraq under cover of darkness Saturday aboard Black Hawk helicopters and V-22 Osprey aircraft, according to a U.S. defense official knowledgeable about details of the raid. The U.S. team killed leader Abu Sayyaf (the name shared by the Islamic jihadist organization in the Philippines) and 11 other ISIS fighters (updated to 32 killed) and captured his wife, Umm Sayyaf.”

“A senior defense official told Fox News that while no Americans were injured or killed in the operation, some of the fighting was hand-to-hand and that Sayyaf used women and children as human shields (so much for the myth of the brave Islamic jihadist fighter). “It was a real firefight – a no kidding old school firefight,” a senior defense official said. Ancient Assyrian texts and other priceless artifacts were recovered as well as what the defense official called a “treasure trove” of intelligence materials, such as cell phones, laptops and documents.”

I certainly hope the Obama administration does not publicize this operation and divulge information about TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures), which could endanger future SOF raid operations.

The real question is, since we decided to attack ISIS last August, why haven’t we done exactly this and even larger raid operations in conjunction with Iraqi and Kurdish forces?

We reported here about UK Special Operations missions being conducted against ISIS not too long ago. The whole “no boots on the ground” and “no combat operations” drivel has now been unequivocally proven a political lie.

We’ve upwards of 3,000 combat troops on the ground and to state that they are not in combat is just a semantic joke. If a troop is deployed into a combat zone, then they are in combat — after all, they are wearing boots, carrying a weapon (or two), and have live ammunition — that my friends is not a training mission deployment.

And now it seems we’ve established a forward operating base in Kurdistan, which I wholeheartedly support. Therefore, the Obama administration can no longer use the line about how we’re not getting engaged in another ground combat operation in Iraq — sorry fellas, you now are, and you can’t pretend otherwise.

If I can offer any sympathy to President Obama, it would be this. It’s ok to publicly admit you screwed up the situation in Iraq and you realize that you allowed al-Qaida in Iraq to reconstitute as ISIS — not that ISIL verbiage. We don’t mind, Mr. President, if you now convey to us that you should have listened to your senior military advisors and not Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice — this is not a commercial or “Game of War.” Feel free Mr. President, in these last few months of your reign, to you confide in us, the American people, that you intend to unleash our military power to truly defeat ISIS and not saddle the incoming president in 2017 with an Islamic jihadist mess.

ISIS is not some insurmountable force or entity, as are none of these Islamic jihadist groups. If we just articulated from the strategic perspective the definition of victory — then our men and women in uniform would make it happen.

And that means first and foremost, have rules of engagement (ROE) that allow us to actually KILL the enemy. Secondly, stop releasing the enemy from detainment under some false political narrative that being detained is a motivating factor. Third, stop decimating our own force and realize that the most important duty, responsibility, and title for the president is Commander-in-Chief.

We don’t need social egalitarianism experiments right now, and certainly don’t need to enlist illegal immigrants to attempt backdoor amnesty. We must remember that the preamble of the Constitution states that the federal government “provides for the common defense” and “promotes the general welfare” — one is an active verb while the other is passive. But it seems we’re passively reducing our through strength while actively expanding the welfare nanny-state.

America possesses an infinite capability and capacity to crush Islamic jihadism, and the will is with our warriors — but is it with the political elites who rule the day? The American people you ask?

I just have to laugh when I hear that Americans are war weary — especially knowing that less than 3 percent of this population has fought on the ground against Islamic terrorism since 9-11. America may be American Idol or mall weary, but that ain’t doggone war weary. What the American people may be weary of is a lack of moral clarity in defining this vile, savage, and barbaric enemy. What the American people may be confused by is being told we don’t have “boots on the ground” and then reading about a daring, courageous, and successful raid against the enemy.

No, the American people aren’t war weary — they just want someone who will make the boogeyman in the closet go away. So in such cases, call upon the folks who scare the beejeezus out of the boogeyman, which is what we did. Now, will we follow up on this, or was this just a measure undertaken to placate critics — all political in nature?

Here’s the bottom line. What these Islamic jihadists need to understand is when they lie down to sleep, there is a very high probability they will wake up dead. And we should leave calling cards to let them know the sandman came by. We need to get inside their heads and make them fear the night — you know, like what Batman did in Gotham City to the crime syndicates?

This is where we can work with Special Operations Commandos from Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and elsewhere and make this enemy fear the night, tracking its every move, waiting for that moment to strike.

I will use this quote from a Confederate general because it is very appropriate — so don’t go and print in the Huffington Post “Allen West condones Confederate general’s tactics by quoting him,” okay?

It was Nathan Bedford Forest who stated, “War is about fighting, and fighting is about killing.” That’s what our Delta Force said to ISIS. And we need to send another clear message to all the Islamo-fascists and jihadists — that includes Iran, where we should walk away from the table: you can run but you will only die tired.

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