15 Baltimore neighborhoods have lower life expectancy than North Korea

If you want to see the effects of decades of Democrat policies in the starkest terms of life and death, look no further than Baltimore.

Writing for the Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham did an analysis of life expectancy in Baltimore’s richest and poorest neighborhoods.

Ingraham started with “ a hypothetical case of two babies born on the same day this year in Baltimore. One is born in Roland Park, a wealthy neighborhood in the north of the city. The other is born just three miles away in Downtown/Seton Hill, one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.”

“The Roland Park baby will most likely live to the age of 84, well above the U.S. average of 79. The Seton Hill baby, on the other hand, can expect to die 19 years earlier at the age of 65. That’s 14 years below the U.S. average. The average child born this year in Seton Hill will be dead before she can even begin to collect Social Security.”

“If Roland Park’s life expectancy is similar to Japan’s, then Downtown/Seton Hill would be closest to Yemen. Roland Park would be the 4th longest-living country in the world, while Seton Hill would be the 230th. Fifteen Baltimore neighborhoods have lower life expectancies than North Korea. Eight are doing worse than Syria.”


It’s interesting to note ISRAEL has a higher average life expectancy than our own United States. What does THAT tell you?

Click here to see the full chart.

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