I agree with the Boston Bomber death penalty, EXCEPT…

Yesterday, Dzokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death, and as Rahm Emanuel stated, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Just like capitalizing on the Amtrak disaster, the Obama administration is going to champion Tsarnaev’s conviction as justification that GITMO should be closed and Islamic terrorists can be tried in U.S. courts.

Well, as Lee Corso would say on ESPN College Game Day, “not so fast my friend.” Those in GITMO are unlawful enemy combatants captured on the current battlefield and are not actually entitled to any legal rights or constitutional recognition. They are not prisoners of war, and that is not me saying this, check out the Geneva Convention. The liberal progressive Left is claiming that GITMO is a terrorist recruiting tool – but they are horribly wrong. Freedom and our existence is a terrorist recruiting tool. As long as Islamic jihadists wish to fight against us, then their cohorts shall be detained and kept off the battlefield.

The Tsarnaev case is based on the fact that his Islamic terrorist act was committed on U.S. soil. Therefore his heinous actions were tried in our court system, which was the proper course of action.

However, he cannot be considered any different from the jihadists that aim to kill and maim our men and women in defined combat zones. In this conflagration against Islamo-fascism, there are no borders or boundaries as evidenced by Tsarnaev’s actions or those of others such as Carlos Bledsoe and Nidal Hasan.

We can continue to attempt dismissing the intent and purpose of those savage actions as isolated “political” actions, but they are rooted in the theocratic violent ideology that the world knows as Islam, which has been conducting these actions since 622 AD. I salute our court system in handling this terrible crime, an Islamic terrorist attack inflicted upon innocents in the most despicable manner.

However, this does not constitute a means by which we now believe that all Islamic jihadists should be afforded constitutional rights and due process — especially those who are not American citizens. We as a civilized Western nation have nothing to prove to barbarians as to our civility or standards of decency. They perceive such as weakness. The message that MUST be sent to the Islamic jihadist world is that if you come upon OUR shores with the intent to hurt, kill and maim Americans — if apprehended — you will get a fair trial, and we will send you to hell. Anyway, it appears martyrdom is sought by these demented sociopaths, so we’re just helping them along.

But what is troubling is that already we have some who feel we should show “compassion” and take a different course of action — such as written in USA Today by James Alan Fox: The jury was unanimously convinced that the death penalty was the more appropriate sentence. It may be that prosecutors and some of the victims are pleased, if not thrilled, with the outcome. For them, capital punishment is precisely designed for crimes like this. But in the end, I wonder if the death sentence was worth all the time, effort, anguish and expense of the trial. Was reaching for the death penalty worth subjecting the 10 women and eight men, who were fulfilling their civic duty as jurors, to heart-wrenching testimony and disturbingly graphic exhibits that no doubt will impact them for years to come? We can add 18 more to the list of victims in this case. The troubling fact is that none of this, neither the financial cost nor the emotional toll, was necessary. After all, the defense team, long before admitting their client’s responsibility for the bombings on the very first day of trial, was willing to enter a guilty plea if the government agreed to take of the death penalty off the table in favor for life without parole. Would that have been so bad?”

Yes sir, that would have been so bad because it would have clearly shown to the Islamic jihadists of the world that we are unwilling to bring them to justice. And for someone who committed such a horrific crime that will impact Americans for the rest of their lives — no, he should not have another breath. As a matter of fact, part of his sentence should have been the revoking of any ability to appeal.

Sorry, you can attack me all you wish, but here was a young man who came here as an immigrant, was given taxpayer-funded benefits and placed a pressure cooker bomb behind an eight-year-old boy. That wasn’t something he was coerced into doing by an older brother — he made a conscious decision to do something to end the life of a little boy. There was never any defense of his not being guilty — they just sought to make this evil person a victim and therefore gain sympathy, or perhaps empathy for him.

Bovine excrement.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev deserves no sympathy, no consideration, and consider the response from his mother who was once on welfare and now hurls disgusting verbal attacks at the United States.

The message that should be sent to any Islamic terrorists here in America waiting for their moment to attack is simple. If you’re found out as being part of an Islamic terrorist attack in America you will spend the rest of your life in prison — no parole. If you conduct an Islamic terrorist attack resulting in the harm, maiming, or loss of life for Americans, you will be sentenced to death — no appeals. And your death sentence will be carried out within 72 hours of your sentencing.

If you are an Islamic jihadist captured outside of the United States on the battlefield, actively or passively supporting terrorism against our country’s forces — you will be detained indefinitely as long as there is one single Islamic terrorist group in existence to fight against this nation. My preference would be execution.

This is not the time for the Obama administration to try to leverage this for some liberal progressive socialist politicized agenda to seem “nice” to Islamic terrorists who wish us dead. If we had someone without a history of being an Islamist sympathizer the statement would be clear — “you attack us on our homeland, we will take due process, but you will be justly, and deservedly, killed.”

There is only one way to deal with rabid dogs — you put them down. And truth be told, the Boston Bomber should be getting a needle NLT Monday and his body put to rest in the same place as Osama bin Laden. And I couldn’t care less about the wussy drivel that will come from the sheep. I am a guard dog!

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