Here’s the BIG lie Democrats are telling about Amtrak

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – so said former Obama Chief of Staff, and now mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel.

And so it goes once again, that as bodies were being recovered from the horrific Amtrak crash, members of the Democrat Party were using the incident for their political gain with yet another false narrative. You just have to ask if there’s anyone left on that side of the aisle who possesses a modicum of honor or any aspect of character.

They’ve abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi and lied. The former Senate Majority Leader takes to the Senate floor and lies and defiantly exhibits no regard or respect for truth. While the president has incessantly lied, they’ve stood by him. And they are now willing to support a candidate for president who is displaying the highest degree of the “arrogance of officialdom” in refusing to disclose the property of the American people — her emails.

Now, in order to continue their wasteful spending, the liberal progressives of the Democrat Party are blaming the Amtrak accident on a lack of funding, even though we already know the accident was caused by excessive speed – 106 mph, when the speed was supposed to be 50 mph. What ever happened to the $1 trillion in stimulus funding that was supposed to go towards infrastructure repair? Well, as President Obama stated, “shovel-ready wasn’t ready.”

There is no shame, as the lies being spun are entangling the Democrats.

As Fox6Now reports, “President Barack Obama on Thursday called for greater federal spending on infrastructure in the wake of the deadly Amtrak crash that killed eight people. Obama’s comments, in which he also offered his condolences to the victim’s families, came amid scrutiny over whether enough was being done to ensure safety on the publically funded rail service. “Until we know for certain what caused this tragedy, I just want to reiterate what I have already said: That we are a growing country, with a growing economy,” Obama said at a Camp David press conference. “We need to invest in the infrastructure that keeps up that way and not just when something bad happens like a bridge collapse or a train derailment but all the time. That’s what great nations do.”

Earlier Thursday, a House Republican appropriations committee aide said technology that the National Transportation Safety Board and some Democrats say could have prevented the Amtrak crash was in place on the stretch of track in Philadelphia where the deadly derailment occurred. But the safety system, known as Positive Train Control (PTC), hadn’t been activated due to technical issues.”

First of all Mr. President, we all know for certain what caused the tragedy: excessive speed by the operating engineer. Secondly Mr. President, the American taxpayers gave up one trillion dollars to you in 2009, so what is the rate of return on the “investment” that was made for infrastructure repair?

And I think I should remind President Obama of a simple fact: government does not invest a doggone thing; it spends the money of the American taxpayer. Individual Americans invest and if they had more of their resources to do so we would truly have a “growing economy” and not an artificial economy based on the whims of Janet Yellin and the Federal Reserve’s horrific monetary policy. Lastly, the technology was in place, right there where the accident occurred. The real question is, why is the inefficient government trying to run a railroad?

And for those who want to “blame” fiscally responsible Republicans here is another factoid reported: “On Wednesday — less than 24 hours after the New York-bound train crashed — the Republican-led House Appropriations Committee voted to reduce grants to Amtrak by $252 million, a drop of about 15% from last year’s level, though the cut would apply only to Amtrak’s capital spending and wouldn’t touch funding levels for safety and operations.

I’ve ridden Amtrak on many occasions particularly the ACELA between Washington DC and New York City, and just have to ask, where does all the money go from those overpriced food concessions?

Perhaps the big government progressive socialists should stop and ask who failed to turn on the PTC system. The Fox report seems to answer that question: “Amtrak told the committee that PTC was installed in the section of track where the accident occurred, but it had not been activated due to technical issues with the Federal Communications Commission, including getting enough bandwidth to upgrade radios, said the House Republican appropriations committee aide, who requested anonymity because the crash remains under federal.”

The real question here is whether or not the liberal progressive media will be complicit in yet another line of lying by members of the Democrat Party? Will the media once again be an ally in the promulgation of a false narrative? Will the left wing media play politics with the lives of Americans tragically lost all for partisan gain? Can the liberal media, with all this evidence, tell the truth and call out the Democrats for lacking decency and conducting themselves in the most heinous and despicable manner? I ain’t holding my breath.

And based on a reporter’s question to House Speaker John Boehner, asking if there was a link between Amtrak funding and Tuesday’s deadly crash, that question has been answered.

Just as in Baltimore, the Democrats need only look to themselves for the failures of the PTC system implementation. “Republicans on Thursday also pointed to a 2012 report from Amtrak’s Office of Inspector General that said implementation of the PTC technology has been hampered by other factors, including permitting for radio towers necessary for the PTC system due to factors like environmental regulations and rules about historic preservation.”

If anything, the Democrats owe an apology to the families of those who lost their loved ones in this tragic accident. Then again, I’m not holding my breath for that either as members of the Democrat Party know there is a duplicitous hypocrisy and double standard, and their abhorrent behavior has no consequences.

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