These few numbers shatter the false narrative of income inequality

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We are starting to get into the 2016 election cycle already – after all, the 24-hour news cycle has to have something upon which to pontificate. Recent polls show that the top two issues concerning Americans are the economy/jobs and terrorism – which I classify as foreign policy/national security. However, in the world of political gimmickry the prevailing issue that liberal progressives wish to focus on is income equality. Their emphasis cannot be on the issue of record and concern for the American people. No, it must be on a made up, politicized false narrative of a grievance that serves to manipulate the populace purely for political gain.

This past weekend I was watching some of the NBA playoffs – especially since my hometown Atlanta Hawks have a shot at making it to the Eastern Conference finals. As I was watching the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls game it hit me – what is the real issue of income equality?

Here I was, watching these ten fellas on the court–who are all millionaires–and just laughed, wondering if these are the ones the progressive socialists target with their inane class warfare rhetoric. I mean they are getting paid gross amounts of money to play a game and they get how many months off from work? Okay, some of you are going to tell me that they truly have no off season – they are constantly training. And just how long is a game? I do not think it is comparable to the small business owner who is struggling to make payroll and putting in some 60-70 hours a week, or more.

Now, I looked up the minimum starting salary in the NBA – the last scale I found, which was for the 2011-2012 season, put the starting rate at $490,180. And at 10+ years in the NBA, the minimum salary is $1,399,507. So, if you are able to make the cut and just sit on the bench for 10 years, role playing, you can make a lucrative career and become a millionaire – which I do not begrudge.

But let’s make a simple comparison.

The starting salary of a young enlisting American warrior is $1,547 per month. They don’t just play a game. And they are called on to perform and be ready 24/7. They do not exist to entertain us, but to allow us to be entertained by way of pursuing our God-given unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Income equality?

Should income be based upon the worth of one’s service to society? If it were, perhaps the elites of the political, entertainment and media would be paid far less. And our teachers and military would be paid far more.

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