The 5 words Obama WILL NOT say at the Poverty Summit

It was fifty years ago when another liberal progressive president decided he had the answer to poverty in America. That president was Lyndon Johnson and his solution was The Great Society program. Today, after tens of trillions of dollars, there is one simple question, how is the government solution to poverty in America doing? Nonetheless, here we are fifty years later and another progressive socialist president is going to tackle poverty in America with a Poverty Summit.

As reported by The Washington Times, “At a summit on poverty Tuesday, President Obama will discuss his belief that recent high-profile confrontations between police and blacks are often a result of a lack of economic opportunity. “As the president has made clear, these issues are not new,” White House aide Jerry Abramson said in an email to supporters. “What we are witnessing in cities across America is not only about policing. This is also about opportunity.” Mr. Obama will take part in a discussion at Georgetown University, which is holding a three-day Catholic-Evangelical leadership summit on poverty after a call from Pope Francis to focus on the issue.”

“After rioting in Baltimore last month in reaction to the death of a black man who was fatally injured in police custody, Mr. Obama said tensions between minority communities and police departments have been simmering for decades in the U.S.”

So yes, President Obama will recount the tragic deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Tony Robinson Jr. and Freddie Gray. But there are five other words he won’t utter: Ramos, Liu, Moore, Dean and Tate – the names of the five police officers killed by blacks since December of last year. On what does he blame those deaths?

And what does President Obama blame for the nearly 60 blacks killed by blacks in Baltimore already this year? Or what is to blame for the hundreds of blacks killed by blacks in Chicago and other inner city communities?

What is his answer? A summit, more talk — and that’s another reason four Gulf nations decided to skip out on Obama’s Middle East summit — just more talk.

Let’s have the honest conversation about poverty and opportunity in the seven years of Obama.

We’ve seen food stamp/EBT card rolls explode. The number of Americans in poverty has grown. And the best means to better opportunity is a good quality education. Well, it was the first black president who decided to cancel the DC school voucher program while sending his daughters to the exclusive Sidwell Friends School — do as I say, not as I do.

The liberal progressives of today’s Democrat Party have indeed changed their position on education for the black community. Once upon a time, the Democrats stood outside the doors of higher education to prevent blacks form entering. Today Democrats stand inside the doors of failing schools and prevent black children from escaping — they have to cater to their teacher’s union masters.

This summit seems to be nothing more than a sham to scapegoat our inner city law enforcement agencies instead of tackling the real problem. It was the idea of President Johnson to reward a woman with a check from the government for having a child out of wedlock. And as long as she never allowed a man into the home, she would continue to receive that check from the government.

Consider fifty yeas ago the fundamental strength of the black community — the black family. Now today, the black community faces a 72 percent out of wedlock birth rate — why? Because the liberal progressives had a GFI (Good Freaking Idea) that had horrific unintended consequences — it dismissed the black man and replaced him in the home. It told the black man that he could be irresponsible and unaccountable in creating progeny and in taking to the streets.

The failing liberal progressive policies in the black community are to blame for the “high-profile confrontations” which President Obama mentions. The schools are terrible, no choice. The families are broken. The church has been rendered insignificant by the secular humanists. There are no economic opportunities — so drug dealers are considered businessmen. The urban areas in America have been under the control of the Democrat Party for going on 60 years in some cases. President Obama is correct, this is not something new, it is truly systemic, the results of the promulgation of the dependency society — and there ain’t nothing great about that.

So there will be talk, and maybe another “My Brother’s Keeper” empty solution, but nothing of substance. There will be nothing that assesses the blame where it should be so that real solutions can come forth.

I found first lady Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University quite ironic. There she stood talking more about victimization at the school started by the man who I consider the “father of black conservatism.” Washington has a three-point agenda for the black community at the turn of the century in the 1900s: education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance.

Washington advanced the idea of blacks being victors even in the face of the abhorrent policies of Jim Crow, segregation, and lynchings — oh yeah, Democrat Party policies. Perhaps Mrs. Obama should have resurrected the fundamental principles upon which Tuskegee was established — not the same old tired welfare nanny-state white-people-are-against-you drivel.

Then again, that has never been theme of the Democrat Party when it comes to the black community. And that is why President Obama holding a summit on poverty is about as worthless as, well, you fill in the blank.

I have a simple message for the black community — and also for the Hispanic community, because you’re next — get off the economic plantation and understand what’s happening. Stop allowing yourselves to be used as political pawns and wards of the welfare nanny-state. My proud mom, Elizabeth “Snooks” West, taught me that self-esteem only comes from doing estimable things — look at your communities, young black men, the decimation of our black families. We all know who is to blame — will you finally come to that realization? Find your pride, pull up your pants, carry yourself in a respectful manner, and remember your history and traditions.

“Unfortunately, in America, too many young people are limited by the ZIP code into which they are born,” Mr. Abramson said. “The president doesn’t treat this conversation as one to be had only every few months surrounding the latest tragedy captured on camera and replayed on the news.”

That is utter bovine excrement. No one is limited by a ZIP code in America — mine was 30308 on 651 Kennesaw Ave NE Atlanta, Georgia in the ol’ Fourth Ward. It is the language of enslavement, not empowerment that would make one believe such a destructive concept.

Better fiscal, educational, and social policies would immediately restore the inner city. And a president who wouldn’t use these recent episodes for political gain would go a long way. If we continue to excuse the abhorrent behavior in the inner city and blame everything BUT the individual — the situation will NEVER improve. Just remember, the truancy rate in Baltimore is 46 percent and look at the effects of drugs. If black lives do matter, then that means from conception to graduation — high school and college. That is the key!


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