Richard Fletcher: White man brutally attacked by mob brutally ignored by media

Who is Richard Fletcher?

Most of America doesn’t know because, well, he’s a white man. But if he were a black man, you’d be well aware of his plight. Folks, wrong is wrong, but what is most despicable is a blatant double standard and its attendant hypocrisy.

There have been no protests, no violence, and little to no media coverage — as it seems, the life of Richard Fletcher does not matter.

I’m sitting in a hotel room in California watching a black District Attorney in Madison, Wisconsin issue his decision to not bring charges against police Officer Matt Kinney (white) in the shooting of Tony Robinson Jr.(black). I can just imagine what the response will be.

But what about Richard Fletcher?

As reported by, “A 61-year-old Dundalk, Maryland, man beaten to near-death by a group of 50 thuggish, mostly black teenagers has now received some star media power from Fox News, with a morning segment that included a plea for the compassionate to help pay his medical bills. “Fox & Friends” posted a GoFundMe button on its news blog page for cable fans to go directly to the charity site that was previously set up for victim Richard Fletcher’s name. Under his picture is the text: “Rick was brutally attacked by approximately 49 students from a nearby school on April 22, 2015. The reason for this terrible act is because he wanted the students, who were involved in a street fight, to stop fighting against his truck and he wanted to stop the one student from jumping on the hood of his truck as if it was a trampoline.” WND previously reported on the black-on-white attack on Fletcher, and on the extent of his injuries.”

“His injuries include broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs, bleeding on the brain and many lacerations. Rick also needed a blood transfusion.” Neighbors of Fletcher, who’s described in previous accounts as handicapped, set up a Go Fund Me account for his estimated $400,000 medical bills. On Tuesday morning, a friend of Fletcher’s said on “Fox & Friends” they’ve raised about $7,000. A few hours later, the account was up to almost $33,000. So far, Baltimore-area police have arrested two suspects in the beating” — you can be angry with me all you want, but they are black.

So Richard Fletcher lies horribly assaulted because all he asked was for his property, his truck, not to be vandalized by a mob of black teens. And they were so respectful, that like a pack of wild animals, they turned on him.

What is happening in the black community? Where has respect for authority and others gone? And worst of all, why is the media turning a blind eye and not reporting THIS story all over the news?

My prayers go out for Richard Fletcher and I pray for his complete recovery. But he was unarmed. Now, ask yourself, what would have happened if he’d gone out armed and when attacked, instead shot two black teens? You can bet that would be the story told all over the news, especially the liberal progressive media.

This is despicable.


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